For over 30 years, Econofrost has been manufacturing and selling retrofit and custom night cover products. When making your decision to purchase night
covers, we’d like for you to choose us for the simple reason the Econofrost brand outperforms and outlasts other night covers on the market. Econofrost night covers are constructed
for the retail food service industry, are safe and approved for use
in and around the food zone, and is the only night cover to be independently
tested and proven for saving energy, improving the efficiency of refrigeration
systems, and saving product. The robust construction and quality
design features of Econofrost ensure the longest serviceable life and lowest
true cost of ownership for every customer. We are able to provide a variety of retrofit and
custom night cover products for every application. You can be confident that Econofrost
will integrate well with any store decor and support your merchandising
and sustainability objectives. Econofrost’s patented braking system provides
smooth, controlled retraction every time. Forming a superior thermal barrier,
the highly reflective, low emissive, perforated woven aluminum fabric delivers
energy savings and temperature control for improved product quality,
freshness, and appearance. When incorporating night covers into their
store design, Econofrost night covers provide retailers with more flexibility and
versatility by offering retailers 8-foot units, which allows retailers to cover more space
with a reduced number of components, saving more money and time. Econofrost is the only supplier to have rolled out
retrofit installations on chains with 100-plus stores. Econofrost and its partners have also installed
the largest-ever night cover retrofit rollout: 535 Ralphs Food 4 Less stores. And the fastest ever chainwide rollout: Stater
Brothers; 165 stores in less than 60 days. Night covers are a great device
used to conserve energy, but they offer retailers additional benefits
that result in even greater savings. Installing night covers on open refrigerated cases
can significantly cut daily shrink and discard levels and contribute to a healthier appearance and
nutritional integrity of many perishable foods. Econofrost night covers are ideal
for a variety of commercial cases including produce cases, meat cases,
meat prep rooms and service areas, dairy lineups, deli merchandisers,
beverage coolers, and floral showcases. Wherever there is an open refrigerated case, there is an opportunity for
saving money, product, and time. Econofrost’s global network ensures every
customer receives the technical attention and expertise for installing night covers,
as well as the after-sales support, customer service, and parts sourcing for the uncompromised performance and durability that is inherent in the Econofrost brand. Inquire today to learn more about the Econofrost
line of retrofit and custom night cover products, to set up a store trial, request a quote, review
our references, or find a supplier near you. Also, visit our website at