– Whether you’re venturing solo in life or you’re the only one
adopting the Code Red lifestyle in your family household, or you’re becoming an empty-nester, this video is for you, if you wanna learn how to
successfully grocery shop for one person where you get
the most bang for your buck with as little wasted food as possible and make sure that everything in your cart is Code Red approved. Before we start, click the link below for my 10 pound take down challenge if you’re ready to take your life back and lose the weight for good. Let’s get started. Here are some of my top
healthy grocery store hacks. (soft inspiring music) One of the biggest issues
about grocery shopping for one is spoiled and wasted food. No matter how great the
bulk deals are at Costco, it can have the reverse effect if the food ends up in the garbage anyway. Here are some of my best tips to make sure you’re buying
Code Red-approved foods that keep longer and saves
you money in the long run. Look, I’ve got a great example here. I have a container full
of fresh strawberries and guess what, you can see
right here on the bottom, it says, $4.99 seriously. But here is a bag, and of course, it’s coming right out of my freezer, a whole bag of frozen strawberries for $1. Guys, seriously, $5 versus $1 and these are just as good. We know that avocados
are eh, temperamental. We’ve all see that meme where the avocado is fine at one o’clock, but then 1:01 it’s rotten. Look, that is just
somehow the way it goes. Don’t be so quick to take that avocado that’s starting to turn a little bit brown and just throw it away. Instead, put it in a bowl, mash it up, put a little lime in there, put some spices, some salt in there, you got yourself some guacamole. You can go to stores like
Costco, WinCo, Sam’s Club and you can buy the
meat, good quality meat, in bulk and then you bring it home and you divide it up and freeze it. Better yet, if you have one of those vacuum sealing machines, you
know what I’m talking about, that sucks the air out
and seals it for you, your meat is gonna stay
’til Jesus comes back. I mean, you’re gonna have meat that’s gonna taste fantastic forever. So, bring it home,
divide it up, seal it up, freeze it, that’s a great
way to get your meat, your frozen patties, your
frozen sirloin burgers, your bacon, freeze it up individually, take it out as you need it. Another idea is to buy
from a local farmer, maybe some pork, maybe buy a pig and have it butchered locally. Maybe buy a local beef. I know that Miles and I have
gone in with another family and we’ve bought a beef
from a local farmer and we’ve split it and we had fresh, local,
farm-raised beef and pork that was absolutely outstanding, enough to last us all year long. Also, Code Red-approved nuts and seeds, they have a long shelf life. And you can buy ’em in the bulk section. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But let me just tell you, do not buy ’em sugar
coated or chocolate coated. No that doesn’t count! Make sure you buy ’em plain or salted. And let me just remind you, the non-Code Red-approved fat items that I absolutely, I don’t
wanna see in your grocery cart, if I come up to you at the grocery store, it better not be in there. We’re talking about the cheese, the dairy, the bread, these are gonna spoil fast. And the good news is, you don’t even have to worry about it. The only dairy that is allowed on Code Red is a very small amount of
heavy cream in your coffee. And if you’re traveling, instead of throwing out the heavy cream so it won’t spoil while you’re gone, you can take it with you. Yes, you can. Take it in a cooler in the car or put it in a four
ounce shampoo container that is new of course, and bring it with you in your purse. I have done it, yes it
will go through TSA, don’t worry about it, and
you are set when you travel. Before I end this video, here’s a fun rule of thumb
when grocery shopping on the code red lifestyle. Stay within the perimeter
of the grocery store. This is usually where you’ll
find the non-processed food items and the Code
Red-approved products, including vegetables and meat. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe, that way you are notified when
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pound take down challenge. I wanna hear from you. In fact, we all wanna hear from you. Let’s learn together as a group, right. So, comment below and tell me, when it comes to shopping
for one, what is your tip? Tell us below. Maybe we can use the tip if some of us are trying to shop for one or we’re not making
food for a whole family. What do you do? Let us know in the comments and I’ll see you on the next video. (inspiring music)