Hi Guys! Hi YouTube! Well I am back again so I just took a train
to Bedok MRT and now we are going to the latest Djitsun Mall! Let’s Go! There are some activities going on. Hungry? There is the Gourmet Heritage. You can take your lunch or dinner. But it’s abit of expensive. The weather is very hot today! See the scorching sun, so bright. Ok here we are! See the mall behind me. Djitsun mall! Hiding inside the shade…. Let’s go. We have reached the mall and let’s take a look. Watch out for the steps! 18 chefs is just opened. They have texas chicken as well. And this one cafe is what I wanted to try out and it is selfie coffee cafe Next time. Wow see so many students! This is the obwoon thai restaurant but it
is a bit expensive. Let’s go up and take a look on what is available
on second floor. It is the music school! Maybe it is the working hour so there is not much people are around here. 3rd floor.. Who needs to shed some fats? Anytime fitness. I going to golden village to watch a movie. Let’s go up. So this mall is consists of four storeys so
it is accessible by the escalators and easy Unlike Vivocity which is complicated. Just hang on and I have reached. Just got my tickets and I just bought one
drink as well. The show has not started yet and now I be going down to the arcade area and take a look. The cinema is at level 4. Did you guys see something. It’s Cash studio karaoke box. On my way down to level 2 to the arcade. OK now we at the arcade and now someone is
changing the tokens. This arcade name is called fat cat. There’s another store that sell icecream named fat cat icecream at Bedok avenue 2 nearby. You may take a short feeder bus 225W to reach there. Under the same name fat cat as well. I signing off over here. Please subscribe to my channel. Like and watch other videos here. Love ya! Bye!