Finding the right ebay dropshipping suppliers
will make or break your business. It’s can be the difference between happy
customers or angry customers. High returns or low returns. Lots of sales or lots of free time. Hey guys, It’s Ela from ZIK Analytics and
today I’m going to reveal what to look for when finding a star supplier for your dropshipping
business. So here are my top 3 things to look for in
a supplier: #3, First-class customer service and fast
shipping times Remember – you are your supplier’s customer. If your eBay buyers have any issues, it’s
your job to contact your supplier and solve them – not theirs! And no matter how good you are, mistakes will
happen. Occasionally, customers will receive a faulty
product, or the wrong product, or it could get lost in the post and they never receive
the product at all. Choose a great supplier, with great customer
service, and it’ll be dealt with quickly and you’ll keep your customers happy. By the way, that’s why I also look for fast
shipping. Fast shipping not only puts you ahead of your
competitors but helps you keep customers happy when something goes wrong. #2 Quality products at low prices At the end of the day you’re here to make
money. And to make as big a profit margin as possible,
it’s important to find a supplier with low prices. #1 And the most important…. A large variety of products. They say variety is the spice of life, and
this has never been as true as in dropshipping. The more choice, the better chance you have
of finding hot products your customers are going to LOVE! When your supplier is as diverse as possible,
you’ll be able to jump on new trends quickly and have lots of great items at your disposal. So in general, try to find suppliers that
have millions of items, rather than thousands of items. There is one supplier, above all else that
ticks all of these boxes… AliExpress Why AliExpress? – AliExpress is actually made up of thousands
of smaller suppliers and has a whopping 53 MILLION items to choose from. – As most of the products are being made and
sold in China, the prices are very low. – There’s a rating system, so it’s easy
to find trustworthy and reliable suppliers and products
-And most products have a free, worldwide shipping option So one last thing before you go! If you want to learn more about how to use
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