Hi everyone its NataLee with designedtothenines.com stay tuned because I’m going to show you how to take off the
shelf drapes and turn it into something customized that looks great in your room Hi everyone and I’m NataLee with designedtothenines.com and today I’m getting ready to dress my windows and all of it
my main floor here and what I’ve done is I just purchased curtains from off the
shelf and I’m going to customize them to make them look like they were designed
for this room and I’ve invited my friend Lisa over to give her designer opinion
and so she’ll be here any minute. There she is! Hey! Hi! So glad to be here! Well, I am excited because I need your opinion! This is amazing! Yeah, this is another project. It looks so great! all right well I want to come over here
and show you some fabrics that I have Alright, so Lisa I this is my panel my I like the grommet top they don’t just because I find that
it opens and closes well and then it lays nicely so it’s just a prebought panel from
the store and they want to give it a customized look so what I think I’m
gonna do is about a quarter way down from the top cut it and then insert a
coordinating fabric so I have several options and I was just hoping that you
could offer your opinion and so well they’re all great options are also for
doing any other would be wonderful but it’s gonna work best for your house
awesome okay so a lot of these I’ll show you which ones I’m already using the
room and then one of them is not it would be introducing a new fabric so
about the green houndstooth which I’ve got enough
and like a couple of other places and you know it can add a little bit of
contrast and then I’ve got my ikat tapestry one that kind of has all of the
colors of the room and ties the whole room together and then I have this navy blue
which would be kind of more tone-on-tone I’m not sure if it matches up quite
perfectly but it’s an option that we could consider and then there’s this
other one and it would just be introducing yet another pattern into the
room but maybe that’s the look we want to go for, so what do you think? Well, I like this one because it’s got the lime green that’s in the houndstooth and are in a pillow right yes we’ve got pillows that
would match the green in here I also really love how and you’ve got a little more texture
right here yeah and you got the silver grommets which I love and that I love
shiny things because they reflect the light back in the room If I were choosing these are all fantastic, but I would probably go with this one. Awesome! Secretly, that was my favorite. So right on! Good choice! Go choice! Thank you for coming over… just a quick visit! You guys you need to check out her channel
so I’m gonna put the link below I’m ready to start the alterations of my
off-the-shelf curtains and make them look custom now after measuring all of
the windows I’ve decided that 17 inches is a good place to make our cut so we’re
gonna measure 17 inches down and that’s right there and I’m gonna put a pin
where I’m gonna make the cut and I’m going to remove the curtains and start
the alteration okay so I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how I’m gonna
go about cutting my custom fabric insert because there’s a little bit of extra
steps that I’m going to need to take because of the fabric I chose so for
example say I had chosen this fabric to act as the insert it would be fun it
would add a little pop of color and there’s no real pattern repeat you could
cut it at any length and not worry about that another option I had considered was
a houndstooth… also not as big a problem because
it has like a one-inch pattern repeat so not a lot of concern in cutting this
however I have chosen to go with this Ikat you can see right here that the
pattern repeat is about 19 inches so we can’t just cut it anywhere because then
each panel would look different and it just wouldn’t feel tailored or concise
so I have to take this into consideration when I am cutting each
panel now the the curtains are about 14 inches too short and so I need to a lot
for some seam allowances fortunately were leaving the finished bottom so I
don’t need to take that into consideration but I do need to take into
consideration each seam on either side and it’s going to take a little bit of
the blue and a little bit of this so I need to keep that in mind when cutting
my fabric now when you do a seam allowance the average is about 5/8 so
you can do anywhere from a half inch to 3/4 inch and I’m going to do a 1/2 inch
so I am going to added 2 inches to what I need so each panel it’s going to be 16
inches now the pattern repeat again is 19 inches so what we will do is we will
take the 16 inches it will take an inch and a half on either side and cut that
and make sure it’s centered on the pattern so we’re going to start doing
that okay so after the first cut it should all be easier because you have a
pattern to follow you can just line it up and cut on either side of it making
the process all that much easier so we just clip and we’ll whip through these
in no time you guys I am such a nerd my wireless
mic battery died and I didn’t even realize it until I after I finished
making the drapes and started editing this video in these video clips
I am simply telling you the importance of pinning the panel’s right sides
together starting from the center and moving out I started with a top panel
and then I moved to the bottom section a I top stitched each seam to give a finished
professional look to the panels okay so now we need to finish the
outside edge of our panel and you can see that I have just rolled it in on
itself and lined it up with the existing panel will stitch it up on either side
and then our panel will be done and we can hang it okay so my drapery panels are finished
I’m thrilled that’s how they turned out as you can see not only are they long
enough now but they can also tie in with my whole look of my living room as well
as my main floor so I’m gonna take you on a tour let’s go okay so here is my
family room still kind of a work in progress but it’s really shaping up
you’ll notice this wall over here doesn’t have a whole lot of going on
with it but I’ve got big plans may be a possible fireplace you’ll have to stay
tuned for future episodes to see what I do in there
but as you can see those off-the-shelf curtains
really worked out nicely and really give a nice finished and polished look go
over here and see I’ve got my table set for a Thanksgiving meal and there you
have it you can do this too it’s super easy it’s straight stitching at its
finest go get some curtain panels get a little bit of fabric customize your
curtains to get a really nice polished finished look you’ve got this! can you do
me a favor in the comments below tell me what kind of design home improvement or
real-estate problems you’re having an issue with I’d love to try and solve
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