Hey WalletHubbers! Today we’re covering how long a credit card
refund takes. The short answer is that a credit card refund
could take anywhere from a few minutes up to 150 days, depending on the type of refund. So let’s break down the different types. If you’re returning a purchase, you could
get an immediate refund in-store. Worst case, the refund will show up on your
credit card account within a few days. On the other hand, if you’re returning a
product by mailing it in, you might have to wait a couple of weeks until your refund comes
in. The timetable depends on the merchant’s
policies, either way. If you’re disputing a charge – because you
didn’t receive a product or service that you purchased, or the amount is wrong, for
example – it could take up to 150 days to receive a refund. And that’s assuming the credit card company
rules in your favor. But simpler disputes can be resolved faster. For instance, if you have receipts, it’s
easier. The best way to find out exactly how long
a credit card refund will take is to contact the merchant if you are returning something
or your credit card issuer if you are disputing something. While we’re on the subject of disputes,
if you’re dealing with fraudulent purchases, it’s important to remember that all credit
card companies give a $0 fraud liability guarantee for unauthorized charges. That means you won’t be held responsible
for purchases that you did not make. Before we wrap things up, I just have a couple
other quick tidbits to share. First, it’s worth noting that some stores
only allow returns for store credit. Second, many cards offer return protection. So even if you can’t get a return in store,
you might be eligible for reimbursement from the credit card company if your item is new
and undamaged. Finally, while you wait for your credit card
refund, you might actually want to reconsider the card you’re using to make your purchases. It might be time for an upgrade, and that
could even save you more money than the refund you’re fighting for right now. You can check out WalletHub’s editors’
latest picks for the best credit cards by clicking the button here. Good luck!