hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so right now it’s Saturday morning today’s video is just going to
be very casual like sort of a day in the life style type video you guys have been
asking for me to do more of these so I’m going to be doing that today we’re just
going to be getting the summit projects done around the house today mainly in
the boys room because we’ve just got their bunk beds in the mail and their
bedding but first I’m making us some breakfast and our favorite weekend
breakfast to have is scrambled eggs toast and turkey bacon our other
favorite is waffles and fruit okay so we just got done eating
breakfast and Jaylon is out in the living room playing with the boys that I can
get this room cleaned up before we can set up the bunk beds before I can get
started on this room makeover this room needs to be cleaned and I need to go
through these toys again and get them organized I feel like I just did this
but I think that I’ve come up with a plan of a way that we can keep this room
clean and organized after I get this bedroom makeover done with we are going
to stick to the plan and keep this room clean hopefully oh I need to start
taking stuff off the walls the bookshelves the letters different things
like that before I do that though I’m gonna clean up this room I’m gonna move
Kyle’s mattress out of here just that we have room to set up the bunk beds okay so we made progress we got most of
the room cleaned up we cleared off this whole wall took down the crib took
everything off the walls now we’ve got a clean slate to work with but I took
everything off the wall in those bookshelves they require eight different
holes in the wall so I’m going to show you just how bad the wall looks
afterwards you can see I’ve got so many holes that I have to fill in here on the
wall and paint over I’m gonna try to do the best job that I can I’m not a
professional but I’m gonna try to do the best that I can so I’m gonna fill in
these holes let that dry paint over it and then we can get started setting up
stuff over here these were those IKEA spice racks that I had hanging on the
wall I just don’t want to deal with it again I don’t want to make more holes in
the walls so I decided that I’m just gonna pack these away probably use them
in my future pantry and I think I’m gonna go on Amazon today and order this
like black metal hanging a bookcase that I saw on there because that will only
require like two screws into the wall and that’s it I don’t have to put eight
more screws in the wall so I need to get this started so that we can get this
bunk bed set up okay so I just finished this whole back
wall I got all of the holes filled in I touched up the paint and now I’m going
to vacuum the floor here under this wall so that we can start setting up the bunk
bed so we got the whole thing put together
was a little bit more of a job than we thought it was gonna be I should say
Jaylon got the whole thing put together because all I really did was hold it so
thank you I’m not going to show you guys anymore of this room makeover until I
put out the room makeover video hopefully that will be out with you next
week so stay tuned for that okay so we are starving and thank goodness I have
an easy home chef’s meal to make for lunch it’s the weekend so I don’t like
to cook a ton over the weekend just keep it simple here is what I’m going to be
whipping up for lunch and home chef is sponsoring today’s video if you haven’t
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total of $80 off an amazing deal but we’re going to get this put into the
oven and get it baking so that we can eat because like I said we’re starving
I’ll let you know how this tastes once it’s done so we are outside now I came out to
check on the chickens and gather the eggs we just got done eating lunch and
it was very yummy all four of us loved it Jaylon is over here with the drone
he’s gonna take it up and try to get some footage we got a couple storms
around here on the mountain last night we got like almost an inch of rain in 40
minutes so it was like a flood around here there’s still a ton of puddles I
just love monsoon season I love being able to get rain every day because we
don’t get a lot of rain for most of the year I leave my chickens loose all day long
every day and theres the turkey flying up into the tree if you saw in one of my
previous videos I shared that we have a wild turkey that has been living in our
backyard for probably like two months now he’s just sort of made this his home
and he loves hanging out with chickens the boys haven’t been able to swim much
lately because it keeps being so cloudy and rainy and windy it looks like they
knocked over their feeder when their feed gets wet it just cakes around the
bottom of this feeder you got to try to get it unstuck so they can actually get
the feed came back here to check for eggs and it looks like the boys were
back here playing yesterday with the loader looks like we’ve got three eggs
unfortunately I just realized that I am missing a chicken there’s only four
chickens here and I’m supposed to have five chickens so I’m hoping that a
coyote didn’t eat one of my chickens so yeah that kind of stinks I guess I
shouldn’t be leaving them out all day long but they’ve just enjoyed so much
being outside and you would think with the dogs that the coyotes wouldn’t come
close to the house everything is looking so green from all the rain that we’ve
been having and it’s such a beautiful day it’s nice and cloudy
there’s just storms in the distance it’s not hot and sunny nice breeze going just
such beautiful weather I’m gonna miss monsoon season so much when it’s over I think I’m gonna close out this video
right here give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below if you want me
to do one of these more casual day in the life style videos every once in a
while on my channel and also stay tuned for the boys room makeover video which
I’ll probably be posting in about a week and one last thing don’t forget to click
the link down below to go and check out home chef and use my coupon code to get
$20 off of each of your first four boxes equaling a total of $80 off and I will
see you all in a few days with a brand new video bye