[music plays] Hello! So I’m still in Hong Kong, and I’m
still having an amazing time. Anyway, so when I was wondering around the other day – which
is my preferred method of travelling when I go overseas – I got kind of lost, but then
trying to find my way back home I found this whole area which is just this kitschy, crafters,
DIY-ers, hipster paradise. I’d actually liken the area to a “mini-Harajuku”. And I call
it a “mini-Harajuku” because well, for one, one of my favourite shops there, called Bunkaya
Zakkaten, actually originated in Harajuku! [music plays] So there was no way I could leave that place without buying some stuff. This is what I
got. A super creepy pen.
Blinking eyeball earrings. And like, the BEST buttons of all time.
Oh, and these! [music plays] Adding to the Japanese-Harajuku atmosphere of the place, I came across this Japanese
bookstore called “Tomato Books”. [excited:”It’s a Japanese bookstore!”]
They’ve got Japanese magazines, shelves of lookbooks from Japanese designers for the
new season, AND a cake cafe! Then, there’s G-square, which is a little
complex of 20 or so shops, selling everything from small designer labels to cute socks,
handmade jewellery, some of the BEST shoes I’ve ever seen, and patches!
And I bought SO many patches. And they’re all iron-on patches so they’re
going to be going on so many of my clothes. And then I spotted some sparkly shoes. [music plays] These are from Monki, which is also on Granville
Road. I also came across this cool craft shop, which I wanted to go into, but it was closed!
Which was such a shame because I peeked through the window and it looked so cute!
But, anyway, next time. And then off Granville Road there’s all these
cute little alleyways and this thing called Granville Circuit which has amazing looking
Ramen, street-food and the shops of smaller, independent Hong Kong and Japanese designers.
But, probably the most impressive thing about Granville Road – they have *another* Me & George! [triumphant/hero music plays] Now if you watched my last video, I went kinda
nuts at this vintage thrift shop. Me and George is this chain of thrift shops that are all
around Hong Kong, but this one on Granville Road has to be the best one that I’ve found
so far. And this is what I bought! [music plays] [record scratch sound effect] By the way – what exactly is a “Hambacker”?
Does anyone else know what that’s supposed to mean?
Oh well! [music resumes playing] Of course, Hong Kong isn’t all about the shopping! And I’ve been doing a lot more than that – I’m
just having an amazing time actually experiencing all this stuff at the moment so I probably
won’t get around to vlogging about it until I’m back in Sydney. But – I’ve accumulated
at least 50GB of video footage from walking around so I promise I’ll upload it all soon.
Anyway I hope you’re all having a really good day, and that you enjoyed this video! And
I’ll see you later. Bye!