The blueberry fields are ripe in Pitt
Meadows and it is time for a blueberry festival so we’re at Dr. Bees Honeyland
for their annual honey and blueberry festival Dr. Bees has a variety of honey
products available for sale they have regular honey’s these are the ice
honey’s or buy yourself a portion of honeycomb and over here they have honey crystals which is dehydrated honey not sure what it’s used for but it tastes
delicious you can get yourself a one-pound bar of beeswax Okay the kids have picked out some mystery honey’s for me to try I’m going
to try the first one and see if I can guess what it is all right so let’s try
this first mystery honey I’m very sweet lots of honey tastes like honey what was
that I can’t I don’t know honey nice honey interesting very sweet maybe
that’s why it was so sweet okay we’re gonna try another one this one’s a bit
of a blue one based on the blue I’m going to guess that was a blueberry
honey was that a blueberry honey got the honey there we go In the hive these bees are busy making
more honey Just gonna relax here in the shade for a minute And the highlight of
the bee festival is the bee beard demonstration That’s it for today from the honey bee and blueberry festival Check out our interactive map so you can see all the cool places we’ve been and subscribe so you can stay up to date on all of our new adventures Until next time it’s time to Exit Thru the Gift Shop