guys its take 20 no its take 22 hi guys welcome to my channel my name is Julie or if you guys follow me in my social media you guys probably know me as Julie Bay and if you guys do follow me on my social media you guys probably know that I have been completely obsessed with mesh key boutique pieces I have worn them in Soho many a my Instagram photos and even made a blog post about the boutique itself I have caught so many comments and questions through my DM from girls who were also interested in purchasing the pieces and I felt like I couldn’t do this justice unless I made a video of my thoughts and experience from purchasing with them my experience with the outfits itself and basically that’s it to start off with a little bit of background mesh be boutique is an online retailer that I have found accidentally through Instagram Explorer page ever since then I pretty much been completely addicted and obsessed when scrolling through their Instagram page they basically embody the most glamorous styles that I absolutely love I have been looking through their Instagram page and their website non-stop ever since and even told my friends about it because I wanted to be like mesh Teek besties with my friends of course did a little bit of my own research before making the purchase because I wanted to make sure that I was getting my money’s worth because there were some pieces that were on the pricier side and after some research I went ahead and made my purchase the delivery was so fast it took two days I live in the United States and the beauty is in Australia so I’d say two days it’s pretty good so when my pieces arrived I was so excited I was expecting all of my clothing to come in this beautiful meskhi cardboard box with all my pieces wrapped in tissue because that’s what I saw online before I purchased the items I was a little bit disappointed because it didn’t come like that which I felt a little bit deceits because I was kind of hoping for the same experience as a normal customer mine came and just a normal plastic package just like from a lot of retailers all of the clothing were completely creased it wasn’t a huge deal but it’s always a pet peeve of mine when you don’t get the same experience versus the experience that they’re trying to advertise let me know in the comments what you guys think about that like if you guys don’t care or it does bother you unless I love the office don’t problems with the pieces and I felt super glamorous in them I bought basically two outfits but the great thing about the outfits I bought I was able to mix and match them I was basically able to maybe four outfits ever since I’ve worn them out I have gone so many compliments I feel like I stand out a ton two very unique no one else has these outfits so if you guys are interested and getting something that makes you look like a princess and super glamorous and something that’s going to grab attention I definitely recommend it so if you first outfit I got was the triangle top with the diamond band and this miniskirts in the color ivory my pieces I bought were in the size extra small and for reference I am a 32 C on top and then a size zero or 24 on bottom I wear it without a bra but you definitely can because there’s enough room to do so I thought the diamond band at the bottom which I love because it’s so glittery with the top it has these really thin and straw and in the back it has hooks just like a bra I put mine up the closest or the tightest and it fits pretty well do you want to say that the band doesn’t have much of a stretch or a gift and so when I was at the club wore that I had my friend help me put it back on looks kind of started coming apart which I need it fixed also just so you guys know the band is sewn on so if you guys don’t get the diamond band you guys won’t have any handsome stitches but you can see that this is probably the reason why it costs a little bit extra to get this and last but not least I wanted to let you guys know that all the pieces were blind or which makes it really thick and not see-through at all with that top I got this high-waisted ivory satin skirt in the back it has this invisible zipper down the back and it also has a hook just on the inside I find that even if I didn’t hook it the zipper will not go down so it’s really good quality and the dipper was really nice it hasn’t gone stuck on me at all the second top I got was this bando and I absolutely love this bando because I wear it with so many different outfits not just with these pieces just love it so much and the back it has this metal zipper which I think adds a really cute touch to it I like about this bando is that it has this rubbery grip in the inside and I felt like the top wasn’t gonna slip because of it I was also able to wear a bra on the inside as well view as you were wondering it’s really pretty champagne I wasted slip skirt and I absolutely am so obsessed with that I think it looks so sexy with this slit right here inside you can also see that it was hands down they use this invisible zipper also has the hooks but sometimes I don’t use the hook the one thing I do want to say about this skirt it might give you slightly a muffin top on top because that’s kind of what happened to me because see Banias how much of a give I felt like after eating it kind of gave me a small muffin top and then you can kind of see the Bulge in her tummy in the front if you have been eating a whole lot or if you’re bloated and stuff something that you don’t want to watch out for so if you are going to be wearing this outfit maybe hold off or eat eat before and then let your body kind of sit after like an hour or something before going out in this so overall I would definitely recommend shopping a mesh key boutique I love all three pieces a are very high quality and look so glamorous and nice on if you’re trying to look like a princess I definitely think that it will make you look like a princess and definitely give you the attention that you want is I hope you guys enjoyed watching my video and if you guys did enjoy I hope you guys subscribe because I will love that so much and I’ll see you my