Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my YouTube channel! This is Keri, Finally I’m revealing my face !!! Maybe somebody already knew my face 8 years ago. But this is me after 8 years. Many people asked me do shopping haul. And then today I am going to do that. Because I got H&M and Giambattista Valli collaboration. So, you guys know that Giambattista Valli usually costs thousands dollars per dress. Like 3-4000 dollars for one dress. But thanks to H&M. Because of the Giambattista Valli collaboration, we can get the Giambattista Valli with very cheap price. Today I went to H&M in San Francisco around 7:30am. And then I got the white bracelet, which means I can enter to the Giambattista Valli section around 8:20am. I was the second group, The first group could enter around 8:00 am. So I wanted to get just one dress, which is this one, the black dress with jewels. And I told my friend that I don’t wanna get the red dress, which is this one. Because it doesn’t look really expensive. So, I said I’m not gonna get the red dress, But when I enter to the section, I couldn’t find the black dress. I asked them but they said there is no black dress with jewels. So I had to get other things. You know what, they only gave us 10 mins. So, within 10 mins, you need to pick the clothes, try on, and pay! “Within 10 mins!” It was crazy to do 3 things within 10 mins. I was like shocked. So I picked up the clothes that I wanted, and I ran into the fitting room. I tried on, and asked them to change the sizes. And then, I went to the cashier, I just ran into the cashier, and then I got those So I’m so excited to show you guys what I got. Let’s start unboxing Giambattista Valli collaboration with H&M! So I spent $897, nearly 900 dollars. at H&M today. And I hope my fiance doesn’t know about this 🙂 This is what I got! The first one, I was gonna get this for sure. These are earrings and then, let me open it. It’s a Giamba”TTi”sta Valli Paris, I love drop earrings. So I think it’s good for me. You know what, I said I’m not gonna get this dress. But when I check the details of the dress, I kinda love this. See there are pretty jewels on the top of the dress. So I got it, I will show you guys later how it looks like on me, So just watch until the end, So, watch the video till the end, I will try it on to see if it fits me. And the other one, I was going to get this one for sure too. Just a little pinky hoodie. I don’t really like pink color, but I think this one is good on me. And this DRESSSSS This one is so amazing!!! I love the details of the dress. I don’t know when I can wear this But I just bought it, because I love this so much. Can you guys see it? So many flowers, what an amazing decoration! And then inside, there is a corset inside. I think it makes good shapes of the body. It was $399, almost 400 dollars. And of course, I’m going to show you guys after I try on. Still, there is one more thing to show. Let me show you! Which is a belt, it’s so cute!!! This is the red dress that I said I’m not going to buy. But I bought it, and I think it looks fine on me. and I am wearing the earrings. The jewels are kinda shinny. I do love it! Maybe I can wear this for Christmas or Chinese new year because it’s a red colored dress. But I am Korean. I’m going to show top to bottom one more time. Then you guys can check out the details of the dress. Again, I really was not gonna buy this dress. but I guess it looks good on me. So, I’m very satisfied. Let’s check out the next one! This is the hoodie, and it’s XS size. I don’t like pink that much, but this is kinda cute. I matched it with a white skirt. And I guess it looks fine 🙂 Anyway I like it, and it’s very warm & comfy! This is the last dress that I want to show you all. This is the dress that I love the most. I usually wear size 2, but this one I’m wearing size 4. Because it’s kinda tight. Size 4 helps me breathe better 🙂 This is how it looks like! 3D flowers are on the top of the dress with bling bling. I matched the dress with 2019 Christian Dior bag. I wish that there are more parties in the end of the year, so that I can wear those outfits to go parties. There will be a San Francisco Fashion Show in December. So, please check out my IG (@thekerilee) You will get more info about the Fashion Show. I hope you enjoyed my video today. This was my first shopping haul, PLEASE understand that although I mumbled a lot, and repeated same words many times. I will be better next time, and see you all till the next episode!