Hey everyone, we currently have our
biggest sale event of the year. If you’d like to find out how you can get
discounts on HiSmile products keep watching. So we currently have 30% off
storewide. I’m going to walk you through my personal recommendations and updated
pricing. So firstly we have our Teeth Whitening Kit which can help remove
surface stains in up to six applications. It’s peroxide free and we guarantee
results. So here I’m going to list the original price versus sale price for our
Teeth Whitening Kit. So now we have our Day & Night Toothpaste which is the perfect combined oral and whitening brushing solution. The Day Toothpaste has a micro
shield wax that helps prevent future surface stains and the Night Toothpaste
contains activated charcoal to help buff away any of those stains gradually. Take
a look here for the original price versus our sale price the Day & Night Toothpaste. Our Pink Toothpaste on the other hand is a complete oral care solution. It helps fight cavities, plaque, bacteria, helps with sensitivity
and also staining. So here is the original price versus our sale price for
the Pink Toothpaste. So next up is our Breath Spray which is
an on-the-go solution to help fight bad breath, especially if you do drink a lot
of coffee it’s great for this. Our Breath Spray is alcohol free which means
no dry mouth as well as it’s pocket-sized for your convenience. I’ll
include the original price versus sale price for our Breath Spray. Our Teeth Whitening Pen is pocket-sized which means you can practically take it anywhere you go. It also features a brush tip which means
it can help whiten those hard-to-reach places. Take a look here for our original
price versus our sale price for the Teeth Whitening Pen. Our Teeth Whitening Gels
also known as our Gel refills are the same formula that can be found within
the Gels in our Kit. It’s perfect to top-up and to maintain your results. Here
is our pricing for our Teeth Whitening Gels. It’s always best that if you do
purchase a Kit to add on some refills at checkout, it’s perfect to stock up for
the holiday period. Our Coconut Mouthwash helps detoxify the mouth and kill any bacteria that can lead to bad breath. It also helps whiten with the ancient
technique of oil pulling and it helps to get in between all the cracks of your teeth and
whiten those too. So here’s the original price versus sale price for our Coconut
Mouthwash. We have three new sets which have some of our favourite products bundled together to ensure there is something for everyone. It’s perfect
for the holiday season whether you’re buying something for yourself or
treating others. We have our Starter Set which includes all of your essential
teeth whitening products including the Teeth Whitening Kit and the Day & Night Toothpaste. This bundle in particular is really great if it’s your first time
whitening, it has all of your essential products that you need so take a look at
the price here. The Oral Care Set focuses on overall
oral health as well as whitening. It includes the Teeth Whitening Kit, the
Pink Toothpaste and the Breath Spray. So take a look at the pricing if you’re
interested in trying out our Oral Care Set. The Ultimate Set includes everything you
need to the ultimate routine. It includes the Teeth Whitening Kit, the Day & Night Toothpaste and the Teeth Whitening Pen. The Ultimate Set is good for absolutely
anyone, so have a look at the prices here. So if you’re interested in trying any of
the products I mentioned in this video for 30% off, tap the link in the
description box below or head to www.hismileteeth.com.
All of the details to our biggest sale event of the year will be listed below.
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