Saving money on food starts by cooking most
meals at home. To help you do it right, here are six healthy
tips and ideas to shop for healthy foods on a budget. First, never shop hungry — so you’ll avoid
the urge to reach for junk food snacks. Make a grocery list to help you stick to your
plan on eating right. Use coupons. You can save even more money if you keep them
organized. Buy fruits and vegetables in season. When you can’t, buy them in a can. Frozen works, too. Just be sure they’re low in sodium. That’s the plan. Now and then — prepare dishes with no meat. You can still enjoy meals that are healthy,
filling and complete. Prepare a big meal. Such as a Lentil pasta dish. You can serve it the next day or at a later
time if you wish. For more healthy tips, keep watching I.E.H.P.’s
video series “Healthy and Tasty Ways to Save Money.”