Hello guys welcome back to my channel So today is 25th of December That means today is Something like merry Something like happy Christmas So wishing you all a very very happy & merry Christmas Since today is Christmas So but obvious I need to do some shopping So that’s why I have gone to R-City Mall Ghatkopar (west) And their the atmosphere was also filled with Christmas Celebration I have not done any vlogging there But I managed to shot some B-Rolls I hope you will like it though Please you guys enjoy that I’ll finish my morning walk Okay guys so this was my smallest video, b-roll video I guess you may have liked it Please Do LIKE SHARE my Videos and SUBSCRIBE to my Channel And stay very very Fit Till next time I’ll meet you in some different vlog Please do take care of yourself And to you all Something like merry Something like happy Christmas Bye I have done shot in front of security cam But now, how did I get the footage bro whom Should I Ask?