Hello Gulfstream Goodwill shoppers! Today we’re at the West Beach South Dixie location, located at 5400 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach. And we are going to see what treasures we can find here. Let’s go exploring *music playing, walking through store* First thing we find here these are these armoire dressers. They’re really pretty. Kind of look like antiques. And if you open them up, there are some more drawers in here, hang stuff up, maybe even put a TV in here even. Either way it’s going to look great. Here are some cute little collectors
items, little shot glasses from around the world. We’ve got Costa Rica, some Dominican Republic and then you’ve got some Dave & Buster’s. Anyway they’re cute and they look going to look good on display. Hey Star Wars fans, how would you like to keep your coins in this piggy
bank? Get this for your kid who really wants to save money and it’s also a Star
Wars fan. Something big Dixie has is great wares. They have a lot of reds
from bowls to glasses, these really cool vases and just display pieces. And then if you go over here you have some cutesy stuff like… look at these little puppies,
they’re so cute! And then we have more gold accented pieces. Just a lot of cool stuff for your home. Something else South Dixie has is a huge room full of all kids clothes and all kids toys. I mean, look at that giant stuffed bear. Look at all these clothes from newborns to toddlers and a little bit older than that. Some great stuff
for you to go through and check out. And look at this everyone, XBOX games galore. Some Madden, some Halo, Minecraft, NBA, you know you’re going to sit in front of TV for
a while and play these games. And don’t forget, Dixie store is one of the Palm
Beach locations where you can join the GoodFriend Discount Cub where members save 25% off every purchase for a full year when you buy $25 membership. Come by today and join!