Who’s ready to join Gulfstream Goodwill’s
Goodfriend Discount Club? Hi, everybody! Today we’re at the Gulfstream Goodwill
superstore location, located at 4895 Okeechobee Boulevard and we’re going to
learn more about a special deal going on. Let’s find out more! How would you like to save 25% off your purchase today? Jeff’s here to tell you all about it! Welcome to our Gulfstream location, we
are launching our discount membership program called Goodfriend. You can
become a Goodfriend of Gulfstream Goodwill for $25 and that gives you 25%
off every purchase, every day for the next year. That’s a full year of savings just for you. So, stop by and see us at our
Okeechobee store on Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach and become a Goodfriend. See you soon! Okay, we’re here at the next Gulfstream Goodwill store
that’s part of the Goodfriend Discount Club and it is the Gulfstream Goodwill
store at 5400 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. And let’s go inside and
find out how we sign up for this club. So, if you want to sign up for the Goodfriend membership club, you come up to one of our employees here and you sign up with your
new first name, your last name and your phone phone number. That’s it.
That’s as easy as it is. Once we sign you up, you take a picture
and then every time you want to come in and use your discount, you just give them
your phone number. They will type your phone number in, it’ll pull up a picture of you. And that’s it! And finally, we’re at our third Gulfstream Goodwill location, the Woodbridge
location, located at six 6601 Forest Hill Boulevard in Greenacres and we’re
going to learn a little bit more about the Goodfriend Discount Club. Let’s see what
they have to offer! Hey, welcome to the Woodbridge Gulfstream Goodwil. I want to tell you about our membership today. It’s a great value 25% off everything for a whole year for $25. You need to come by and check it out. Come back soon! *music playing with photos of customers signing up for memberships* Hi, I’m Kevin Bender and I’m so excited
about the launch of our new Goodfriend Discount Club. The three stores that are
participating in that the pilot are the Woodbridge store, the Gulfstream store on Okeechobee highway and right here at the Dixie store on South Dixie Highway. We’re
hoping to have all stores across all Gulfstream Goodwill open within a few
weeks, but it’s been a terrific success so far today. So, come stop by those three
stores Woodbridge, Gulfstream and Dixie and sign up for the Goodfriend
Discount Club! Thanks for watching! Stop by one of our three locations and become a Goodfriend today!