(upbeat music) – Hi, it’s Madelaine and Isla, joining you again from Mercatus. We’re gonna talk to you about
another incredible feature available with AisleOne
on the Mercatus platform: tailored catalog and search results. When shoppers visit their
favorite retailer’s website or app they build their shopping cart from a standard product catalog. While the standard catalog may include the most popular products, shoppers still need to
spend time searching for many of the items
on their grocery list. Tailored catalog and search results turns that standard catalog into a unique, one-to-one shopping
experience for your customer. So how does it work? The AisleOne personalization
intelligence engine analyzes every shopper data point
on the Mercatus platform, enabling it to automatically generate tailored catalog and search results that are truly personalized
to each individual shopper. With the products they
want being so easy to find, shoppers can build their
cart both quickly and easily. And, with the engagement capability of the Mercatus platform,
shoppers will enjoy the same personalized,
intuitive shopping experience across every channel. With tailored catalog and search results, you can help your shoppers
find products more easily, build their basket faster,
and save time shopping. And as a retailer, you can benefit from increased basket sizes,
automated personalization, and time saved on planning
catalog assortment. Thanks for joining us. To learn more about what
AisleOne on the Mercatus platform could do for your grocery retail business, contact our sales team today; bye for now! (light music)