YouTube what’s happening you see man
your brother mulo motivation so we’re about to go to the store to get some
groceries right I may try to get some footage for you guys but if not I’ll
find a way the time-lapse what I’m getting at the store and go through
everything I get for groceries so it’s gonna be 150 to 200 dollars it’s gonna
be simple and you guys are gonna love it stay tuned baby stay tuned half minutes
later what’s happening so back in the cars go
went in there and got a bunch of stuff so keep in mind this is based on the
things that I don’t have and the things that I already have at home so this is
not really everything I get but this is everything I get that I got that I’m
missing right so I’m gonna go through everything once I get to home right and
I’ll go through everything and yeah so everything came to a hundred and seventy
three dollars right less than two hundred dollars as predicted a lot of
stuff here a lot of meats veggies snacks right and we’ll go through everything
see you guys soon much much much later so YouTube we are back home so we’re
gonna go over each thing I got right I got in this view simply because I don’t
want you guys to see anything right I want surprise you guys one thing at a
time all right and then take this off kind of hot in here all right all right so we’re gonna go through all
one thing at a time right so got our egg whites right so this came to about that
like 250 somewhere around there it so this is the half version this is a
bigger version that I got which I’ll get to later so first thing egg whites then
we got flat outs right so these wraps are awesome they’re high-protein
Margaret and carts and high in fiber so basically a high protein low carbs
awesome the macros a hundred and twenty per wrap these are awesome
these are awesome to have the short so bought about
each of them about $4 right nothing too bad right there we go
cashews we got almonds really high in zinc makes not so vivid
honestly we mix it together almonds cashews peanuts together PI and zinc
hi I’m fat as well hi calories and overall really good for you of nuts
right if if you like to snack on things on nighttime mix nuts the best way to go
right the best way to go fills you up high calories low and careful especially
right so each of these are about thirty million dollars right alright then we’ve
got our whole grain bread so the only kind of bread I get is whole grain I
don’t get what I don’t get whole wheat whole grain or whole wheat totally
different so I get whole grain bread it has to be a whole grain
alright that’s the difference because they have flax seeds and all of them
things inside right which is good for you also a high end zinc right whole
grain kind of bread but remember whole grain not whole wheat whole grain major
difference right this came to about $4 right so not too bad
only one of them now we got the bunch of dark chocolate so dark chocolate with
peanuts in it right another reason why I love peanuts is
because high in zinc high fat right tastes pretty good
it made this may have a base sodium in it but you know if you drink enough
water they should be fine right so each of these are bad that word about eight
of them in the ten of them I believe yeah so I got these for a dollar each
right so let’s check out the macros on this so
in each East serving so each serving is about ten squares right which is 40 to
45 grams right so that’s 240 calories 3 protein yeah sugar in it obviously carbs
22 and most importantly it has fiber and so each servant of this have 3 grams of
fiber so for this whole thing it’s about 9 grams around 69 grams right which is
awesome all right so this is really good and each of them was a dollar like I
said that’s what makes fruit here alright so I like my stuff frozen simply
because if you have stuff like raw is it goes back quicker if you have a dozen
plus you can use it to make smoothies and things like that right so yeah so
this is this whole back came to about five dollars
it’s about tool kilograms right which is pretty good it’s up 1.75 boom just gonna
round up it’s about three Telegraph awesome definitely recommend you guys
getting frozen trolls especially if you want to make smoothies and especially if
you don’t want your fruits will go bad that’s quick this is that left spinach
awesome for your skin right and see how see how clear my skin is right this
right here is spinach awesome for you awesome for you right if
you don’t like spinach right just like I said with the smoothies you can find a
way to add like a beggar protein isolate protein put some fruits in it and put a
bunch of spinach in there you’ll kill the spinach taste but you still get in
your spinach right this right here important for your skin for your
complexion all that right and many more benefits I’m not gonna get into it
right this right here it’s about $45 really expensive but really worth the
money not another thing at a whites and
altering your egg whites and this one here was about six dollars we’re gonna
back up make veggies here cauliflower we got broccoli without carrots all
together the back with back came for about six to eight dollars right not too
bad I got two backs of them all good then right here we got buried beets
right also to putting these Silas opted to put in a sandwich maybe if you like
sandwiches burgers or whatever the case may be this one came from about four
dollars right no this one came to 278 my bet I just saw the thing on here right
and then we got our I guess our veggie rice veggie grass yep so normally for
bet your ass you do cauliflower and I kinda what’s it called what’s about
what’s it called what’s it called grade it into a rice bits the here we got
carrots we got broccoli we got cauliflower together and in the grass
form like as you see this enjoy about $3 all right what else do we
got so enough with that so now I’m moving on to the next portion the
proteins right my favorite so we got pink salmon in the back so bunk without
a bunch of little bags of pink salmon right this one came to about $8 Sanders
awesome for your fish that cannot explain how much fish is good work right
for your brain right for you for your digestive system yeah that’s all Omega’s
you need right for great function and things like that in and really the
macros are awesome on it right for each for each piece right 110 calories right
proteins hi 22 grams of protein carbs zero right so for someone that is on low
carbs salmon salmon a short right cholesterol 50 milligrams fat 3 all
right this is awesome this is awesome right cheap and really good for you we
got some more salmon right so got the frozen salmon and we’re gonna be all
right excuse me so we got salmon again so I’ve got the frozen one in the actual
physical all frozen so this one right here is about $1 each
about $9 each right same same benefits right launches frozen one isn’t all
right so now move on to the ground turkey ground turkey is one of my
favorite things to use in terms of making like let’s stir fry in terms of
macros and the terms of just overall how fills you up and how it really gets your
protein for the day especially if you eat the whole thing we’re just a log
right so in a serving and serving it’s about 100 grams right is serving a
hundred thirty calories zero grams of carbohydrates right 18 grams of protein
all right so imagine this whole thing is 450 450 right so what is that a hundred
times four point five right so basically is twenty times five so you get at least
90 to 100 grams of protein when you eat this whole thing right which is awesome
and these two and two of these after $12 right super cheap super cheap and the
macros are awesome no fat high protein low calories perfect macros right and
lastly we got chicken breasts right walk my favorite also right all right here so
this right here came to $18.00 right so we’ve got about six pieces in there
seven pieces depending on the package or how the package so the dog the don’t
have stats here but for what I remember right they’re serving chicken breasts
could be somewhere between 100 and 150 calories right for about like the whole
piece could be like 50 50 to 100 grams proteins between 20 to 30 zero carbs
we’re at zero fat so this is also awesome in macros right and yeah this is
everything in God all right so thank you for coming by
make sure the like share subscribe to the channel and there’ll be more videos
coming right to make sure you guys stay tuned and check out the channel right
I’m really putting in the work to try to bring us as much value as possible
thanks once again I’ll see you guys later you