hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m here for scrapbook boutique and a collab with Louise this is part 2 and
this one’s all about coloring I’m coloring some images from a neat
& tangled set called go wild and I’m using my MISTI to stamp them out
and because I’m going to color with some Copic markers today I have got my
memento tuxedo black so why I use my Misti is I can come back in and re-
stamp the outline of the images after I’ve done the coloring I find that this
gives such a good crisp look to the images alright the I decided to do
pretty much one of each image out of the pack now if you’ve been to Louise’s
YouTube channel or blog you know that she’s a scrapbooker and the request was
to create some teal flowers and that’s in the part 1 video so I’ve created a
stack of flowers and giving you some tips and techniques for doing multiple
flower stamp layering with the Misti and that’s using an alternate set called
flower arrangement so I’ll link that video below and in the at the end of
this video so you can head to there and check that out I’ll also link Louise’s
video so you can head on over to her youtube channel and see what she creates
using these images and the flowers that I created for her so I thought it would
be wise to sort of because I presume I don’t know what she’s going to do with
all of this but I presume she’s going to hopefully maybe I don’t know put them
together on a scrapbook layout and that’s why I did quite a few images that
way it gives her a choice to use either as few or as many as she wants and
that’s why I brought the teal colors into these images as well because I
figured if she is going to combine them together on the scrapbook layout that is
the flowers and these images then at least they are going
match a little bit so I have used the same colors throughout all of these
images I’ll have most of the lids off to the
side otherwise you can head to the link below and I will list all the colors at
my blog the other thing that I’ll just quickly mention before I turn the music
on is that I do come in like a color with
the Copics but then I do come in and add my shading with some colored pencils
mostly I come in with some blacks and browns but I did actually add some
highlights with the Pink’s as well okay I’ll be back real soon right so I’ve popped the images back
into the Misti I’m adding some onyx black ink to the stamps and I’ll stamp
it out I just really like how this ink stamps out it’s a really fast drying
bold black pigment ink and I did actually fussy cut all these images out
so I sent them to her hopefully ready to go and stamped a couple of sentiments
too so don’t forget to head to Louise’s youtube channel and if you haven’t
checked out my flower video already I’ll link that at the end as well I hope
you’ve had some fun today I’ll be back again real soon until next time
happy papercrafting bye