Live the experience with Aurélia,
boutique manager Alexis, Hello! How are you doing? All right! You? Good! So, how was your first night? Great! I’m well rested and up for starting today. We’ll wait for you. You have to be in shape, we’ve got a lot to do today. I’ll be welcoming the first GO who’s coming, then we’ll see how much we need to make today, then we’ll have our daily brief and go to the back office. The back office is where we manage supplies and emails. A store manager needs to be proactive so as to leave space for the teams to be trained. Today, we’re pushing skiing, so we’ll be checking that we have all our gloves, hats and heaters ready for the clients. Here are Rossignol gloves. We work with a few suppliers, some are prestigious brands. They send us professionals at the village early in the season to train us on on how to use their products. We’ve had Lacroix, Pok ski masks etc… What is different about doing business here? The main difference is that we have clients that are here all week and see our shopfront all the time. We’re here to create the desire and we’re trying to catch their attention. We set stalls outside the shop and we try to encourage impulse buys with clients. As a Manager it’s important to be fluent in English. I just came back from the Maldives where I worked for a year and a half. I only worked in English. You get to work with different cultures. For instance, I’m currently working with four women, one Brazilian, one Moroccan, one Russian and Japanese and one French. You get to discover a new typology of clients. And traveling is part of the benefits of Club Med. That’s what’s different with other places. Again, I’m just back from the Maldives and it was a wonderful experience for me; every day off I had I spent scuba-diving. Here, you can get ski lessons with the ESF, it’s such a beautiful and enriching experience. What makes Club Med different from any other hotel is the GO. You’re part of the clients’ holidays. You go and eat with them, to see the shows. It’s the added value of Club Med. We get to eat a lot! Yeah I know it shows, thanks! Yeah we get to eat a lot, we try to exercise too, we have access to all of the village’s activities. Do you think that being part of the clients’ holidays helps you on your profession? As a GO, you can offer to stay with them and they might enjoy that. And will you be on stage tonight? Indeed! I’m part of the show tonight. We were saying that the job requires you to call upon your talents. My talent is dance You shouldn’t forget that that’s the beauty of the Club, the experiences, the people you meet, all the things that you wouldn’t do if you were working with any other company. Find the real you