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Seminarî Letís face it. Times are getting tough for
us retailers. Slimmer margins. Online shopping. And price comparing customers who come into
your store, get your price, and then go online to buy. Itís enough to make you cryÖ and
get angry too. These folks come into your store with no intention of buying! They just
want to get your price. Or whatís worse, as one of my clients told me recently, if
you sell clothing, theyíll come into your store, try on a few items to get their size,
and then go online to buy. They have no idea youíve got bills to pay! Staff, rent, overheads,
unsold inventory and the list goes on. But these folks donít care! They just want the
cheapest price right? Anyway, it can get real frustrating. And as I mentioned, it can make
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