hey guys So my friend actually came home to pick me up if you watched my last vlog I said I was going to my friend’s place to spend a boxing day so right now we are at the intu Metro Center and just Came out so, you know have some fun See how the city is today being the boxing day and I learned that a lot of shops are doing a lot of discounts Today, so we are going to be checking those out come along I’m loving this lipstick it is a full house guys cause they also have some people who came to visit them So we are at primark right now and seeing some top that I love yeah I’m so sorry Yeah, I’m trying to look for what size you call me self twelve or ten Imagine I don’t even know my size I’m actually thinking 10 seems better so i’m just going to Check both sizes 10 and 12 and see which one fits better These are really beautiful makeup boxes