Hello and welcome I’m ukgamer808 and today we are
looking at the first new mods of the year well new mods for console and we’ve
got a few so let’s go to the mod hope and see what’s going on and we have the
Amazon UF 1201 by seme and less capacity 1200 litres working with 15 kilometers
an hour and what’s with over there is 15 meters of wire on that one so is that a
little bit smaller one than what we thought must be and then a pack of
Polish buildings by Daniel X 3 2 1 a packet of building the Polish style
contains a night building garage barn and goal and then we have there’s
an update for the kipper and that was for fix the wipers were I had that the
other day where they just came off the truck so that’s been fixed and then
there is the knock plate and that’s by outlaw knock plate what’s that a knock plate
for Street and in a rumble in you can grasp them with the pliers of a
forwarder and then straighten the poulter with did not plate okay when
when I will look at that and that is your lot for today right so today’s new
mods and the first one we’re gonna have a look at is that the knock plate now
where I’ve seen this in mods and testing I thought what’s that there’s a bit
strange and here it is is a knock plate it cost you fifteen hundred pounds to buy
and minus 3 on the slots you’ve got two varieties this one and that one that’s
the extension one and that’s no one the extends from one will cost you extra
five hundred pains so what it says in the mod hub is right for straightening
you rumblin so basically if you’re you end up bending these bars then you can
use this not plate to actually bend them back to shape so just take a bit of
doing anyway because anything with the cranes some people hate these cranes I’m
not too bad and not probably No and we go down and just trying out a
grapple it just like that and then we pick it up
and it is a little bit heavy I might have to beam that in a bit first and I didn’t see I’m not the best on
cranes at all but that is the idea so you bring it down and then you can
strain a night it might be more relevant to PC I just don’t know what let’s drop
that down a bit more got to get it in there at least there we go but yeah so that is your knock plate
basically there we go we’re in there and then I suppose you twist that round or
something like that anyway that was the idea I seem to have got from it so
that’s the first mod right next one because we’ve only got a few and we have
the Amazone now this I just naturally assumed we had this already in the game
but no we haven’t got it at all nice bit of kit is the UF 1201 and it comes on
this little mountain we also when I seen that I thought cool so you move it
around no you can’t you can’t push it around but you’ve got to be careful with
it I did top it over earlier when I just banged into it and caused hits a deck
and then you can’t pick the bloody thing back up again but we have so this will
cost you twenty four grand and it’s twelve hundred and twenty four pounds
for your initial leasing costs you see you’ve got the gauge built in there
let’s see if all that works it probably does and water and it does herbicide and
fertilizer which always helps so it’s only minus seven on the slot came and
will hold 1200 liters of herbicide or fertilizer no more an hour top speed on
it and it’s called a five metre boom which I thought that was quite small
because I used to use these a lot in FS fifteen but ever since FS 17 I don’t
really tend to use these sort of spreaders anymore not when you’ve got
Rubicon’s normally just use the Rubicon – a lot right let’s pull that alongside
I don’t think there’s anything to open or anything is there no turn on no so we
just refill put some liquid fertilizer in there and you see the when we drop it
off the wheels disappear anyway let’s go it Dana to the field just down
the bottom here when I will look to see how it works so there we go
no he’s in the full yes it is in the full position that arm has moved up
knife and let’s get our unfolded got lights in on indicators on it as
well we can lift it up and down for any high
areas of train so you don’t end up hitting your boom and I think we just go
widthwise we don’t need to do a full line so let’s drop that in it was sin
knowing my linearity was it not my modeling was yep and there it is 9 mile
an hour bang on the money and it does go down pretty low so 50 meters wide not too bad I suppose
but it’s not a Rubicon but then again it’s not a half-million pains in their
ears at 24 grand quite cheap I won’t let me move it down when it’s in
the loaded and I’ve pulled the arms and by the looks of it you’ve got a yeah
won’t let me do it it just does it on the camera is unlike a I was working oh
yeah what’s going on I see you have to be mindful of that because I wouldn’t be
surprised if is that too high it might even topple over
now you can lower it that wasn’t even up the highest yes and make sure that’s
Dame don’t unfold right next mods are some place aboard so
let’s go another look right next FS 19 new mods fall today we have a goal like
ok so we got these buildings and then we got a goal so it’s a bit different first
goal I’ve ever seen for farming simulator and this will cost you 2 grand
– one on the slots show me I’ve got a board to go with it but then again we
can’t kick it anyhow so that is the goal maybe this is part of the Polish
buildings pack and then this one over here we’ve got basically a garage I
think that’s the yeah that’s the IKE building and then this is the barn so
this is the barn it cost you 25 grand and you see we got doors going in an 8
all the way through yeah there they go a little bit of action on there a lot of
what works as a ladder it’s just to see now you’ve got this little bit in here
but you can’t get in there there’s a little door there but there’s nothing in
there anyhow so that’s the first one oh it is I’ll tell you what I went in
there earlier and it would not open it was like well what’s the point about so
it does open I’ll tell you what it’s probably because the animation and I
haven’t got any patience so when you come up to the door we do the trigger
there it is close it it is quite quick it closing but opening so you press it
and then the bolt moves across pretty cool it opens up jobs are given then
right in the back you’ve got the next Bay and this goes into this Bay you got the
door going out that way and then there’s a little room in here no lighting and in
any of this though I’m not sure what that was the water meter I suppose or
gas meter I dunno not too sure on that one so yeah you’re
gonna have to watch these doors because they are quite small where that’s even
the height of that whereas the width the width main thing you’re not going to get
where it is that’s totally hanging on a bucket that
we will not go in there so that is the ight build in there sorry that is the
barn the 25 grand – at 16 on your slot cane no it’s not
that is the 8th building 1 mile away that’s a building and it’s 35 grand – 23
on the slot came I didn’t actually go up there we go up this one open it closed
gate oh my god laughs as well I didn’t realize that I didn’t see that I didn’t
notice that cool so that’s yet building of course this is
the bloody barn and barn doors and all that this is 25 grand same thing again
with the animation let’s get that one open I’m gonna get that one open as well
I think he’s a little bit of a problem with that one doesn’t look quite right
but there you go barn doors go in in it and I so it’s a
drive-in dr8 facility but on the a so these buildings all looks pretty nice OC
got a quite nice job then right in the back here the same as the front Bay City
then we go on to at the last one which is the garage and this is a 30 wonderboy
and is minus 17 on the slaughter cane and this has got a little lower loft you
can go in there I’m not sure what you’re gonna use out for but no this one I
couldn’t get to open you can see the trigger doesn’t come up for anything so
it’s just one little room in there and then in the air I couldn’t get in so I’m
not sure if you put anything in there or not and then we got when one of the
garage bits there then we got a door on the end there it’s open that one and that one there’s this block where it
is quite good the way is it’s not done brilliant where is it just been slapped
up I wouldn’t have paid him that’s not a good bricky so that is the
garage we go in and we got this area here which is double doors in a night on
that side but no lighting but do we need light in how much time do you spend
getting in and out of a garage really wide oh well that is it for FS 19 new
mods first new mods of 2020 and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more coming there
really well so hopefully the mods will start picking up a bit more next week
and I will be surprised if there’s a hell of a list for mods in testing you
shall see on Monday don’t forget to go and check that I probably uploaded
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