hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re going to be unboxing the
fortnite Dark Fire bundle for the ps4 the Xbox one and the switch and we see
the front cover right here with these characters right there and down below we
can see that the game is rated T and the ps4 it says Internet required
this requires internet and Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox one
and doesn’t actually say anything about internet on the front of the switch
let’s see what else, it says includes free to play game and premium content on
the Xbox one and download code inside, disc not included, download code no game disc
included game add-on game card not included. basically they’re all telling
you that they do not include a physical game and there’s just a code and this is
an epic games title of course and now let’s move on to the spines or I should
say the left side because this is an outer box sleeve, we see red on the
switch gray on the Xbox one and sort of purplish on the ps4 and on the other
side we’re gonna see the same thing and now from the top we can
see the game box itself which all has a y-fold copy for all of them and now
let’s move on to the backs it says embrace your dark side, heat up
the battle and slip into the shadows with the fortnite dark fire bundle
featuring 13 items, the dark fire bundle includes legendary outfits and backblings
dark power chord, dark six-string, molten Omen molten battle shroud, shadow arc
shadow arc wings plus three epic wraps three rare dual wielding
pickaxes and a new emote. battle, build create, fortnite battle Royale is the
completely free 100 PvP player mode in fortnite, bundle content delivered via
redemption code and there gives you a little bit more information on the
download and we also have this seal on the ps4 copy and down here it says
Internet connection is required and 2 to 100 players on the ps4
25 gigabyte minimum online play required DualShock 4 the Xbox one Xbox 1x
enhanced 4k Ultra HD online multiplayer 1 to 125 gigabyte console storage
required and on the switch it says to use the software a download of at least
10 gigabytes via wireless internet connection is required and it also says
that it’s single player across the board pro controller compatible and they’re
all rated t due to violence and let’s take a look at the game boxes themselves
pretty sure we’re going to see mostly the same kind of content, yeah
fronts a little different, it’s not dark and it doesn’t have this texture to it
or this little holographic effect but otherwise all the same and here we have
the boxes themselves and now let’s go ahead and open them up alright let’s
take a look at the ps4, alright so we do have a slot for a disc because they’re
still using the same kind of box but there’s no disc, here is the front of the
code sheet you can see it has the same picture as the cover and now onto the
back we have one code for everything and the code expires October 28th 2029 so
that’s going to be that and I guess there’s directions behind the front
covers that what we see they’re not just terms and stuff all right now for the
switch again there’s the slot for the game card would go and here’s the
download code on the switch and there again same expiration date that we saw
before on the back it, gives you some instructions on how you can go ahead and
use that code and finally the Xbox one, in the front it
looks pretty similar to the ps4 and we have the Xbox code there I’m not sure if
this one also has the same expiration date I don’t seem to see one but I would
assume it is the same and there you go that’s going to do it for this unboxing
of the fortnite Dark Fire bundle let’s take a look at all the packaging
here and as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames for these
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