hi guys so welcome back to my channel
sorry for now just like I’m apologizing all the time because I’m not posting
that much but a lot of stuff stuff has happened lately
shit yeah a lot of stuff has happened lately and it’s like really crazy so
yesterday the company that I was working for they don’t get the Swedish license
so they told us at like 3 o’clock and so me and my colleague have to pack our
things and say goodbye now I’m without the job which is weird so anyway I was
enjoying my day anyway I woke up I went to see a friend and I had breakfast and
soon my room I can’t speak today my roommate a lot and I will go and have
lunch and this is the new Zara store they have renovated it so now it’s more
floors more space hopefully new clothes I’m looking forward to see the women’s
section and the home section so I’m really really excited and me so I will I
hope I will see you soon or else I would just
take my camera with me and take some photos and I’ll show it to you later hi guys
yeah well that didn’t go as planned I totally forgot the camera but I did some
shopping and I will do a haul about it together with our Christmas outfit New
Year’s outfit and my new jacket but now it’s done
or I cannot make some food so come on let’s go sure hi so now we’re in the
kitchen and I’m gonna show you what I’m gonna do today we will make it super
bill again so we have a nice place they’re really nice I bought two of them sorry I’m really tired and also I’ll go
bad karma I bought two different Browns I’m steak
but that’s fine we’re gonna do it that way okay first we will start off with
this one here and I’m gonna put some water in it and make the couscous first
so let’s start I’m not so good there
the cooking is not my strongest side but I’m trying my best and I think that’s
what counts okay I think that’s fine and while the water is boiling I’m gonna
preheat this ones in the microwave and chop them in small business I will be
back when I’m gonna mix everything together so you will see so this is the
corn and this is what it looks like before I will hit it no harmony I mean
now we have the shit configure the chicken fellas the fake chicken
oh the matter warning and fierce after do your Thomas do I gotta feel like an
elephant yo biggie couscous look I made food for the first time in
my life hey hello everyone so stuff didn’t go as I can but I have to
continue what I started so I will do a trance
squish of a falling from what I have started to what its gonna become so
instead of going to the shopping stuff with one person I will go with everyone so this is what we usually do
are we gonna wait for Benjamin hello ha Rajani phonetic Lauren it’s
gone it the map yeah ha fan they don’t think for me about anything
here anyway so now we’re gonna go to the point and
Oscar is gonna buy some glasses so that’s gonna be fun so he’s not blind
anymore and I won’t shop anymore because I have been like shopping too much oh
look at this nice of the work they have like so nice the worse here in Malta car but to think about my new job it’s nice
right that is off scale and this is Natalie stop the shopping spree and then we’re gonna say okay so huge my future house
anyway soon ciao can it charlene downes yeah you’re scared