– Listen, weird stuff happens
in a subway all the time. So we talked to the
people of New York about the craziest shit
they ever seen on a train. Check it out. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s the wildest thing
you have seen on the subway? I was on a train
what one of the guys of America’s Most Wanted. What? I’ve been on a train
that somebody died before, so that was depressing
– Oh. Yeah. What’s the wildest
train line to you? I say the 4 train. The 4 to 5,
going to the Bronx. The A is still wild. Don’t sleep on the A. I think the ferry’s
worse than the A train. You know why? Because you got the tourists. You– when you got to get
to where you gotta get, they looking at the
Statue of Liberty. Fuck the Statue of Liberty
because I see the Statue of Liberty every day. No disrespect to the
Statue of Liberty. But fuck the
Statue of Liberty. Yeah, fuck the
Statue of Liberty. And what’s the
wildest stop to you, like what stop are you–
every time you pull it, you’re like yo.
– Hold up. Keep it to
[INAUDIBLE] Broadway Junction probably for me. – Broadway Junction.
– Definitely Broadway Junction. – It’s always nighttime there.
– Definitely Broadway Junction. – 24 hours a day darkness.
– Broadway Junction. [LAUGHTER] It’s the only station
that has cops there, and you still get your ass beat. Who is the most
annoying entertainers that come on the train? Is it the showtime people?
– The mariachis. The guys, the mariachi people,
the people with the African drums, the doo-wop, crackheads. Shout out to the
crackheads that’s trying changing their life. You know what I’m saying? I be feeling bad for them. You know what– you
know what, the veterans. That– that’s– the ones
that all this shit is cut off and shit, like– yeah. That makes me feel mad bad. But I know they
get mad SSI checks. You know what I’m saying? Talk to ’em. Talk to ’em. Stop trying to play me. You know what I’m saying? Gotta make you humble sometimes. It’s officially spring, got
that illegal dirt bikes, yeah. What’s the freakiest shit
you’ve seen on a train? Oh, man. I mean, I almost got
freaky on the train once. Oh, hey, man. I’m saying– late night,
you know what I’m saying. You know what happens. I don’t got no [INAUDIBLE]. I’m a train dude. So I’m on the train all day. I was walking up the stairs. I turned the corner and
dude was just standing there, everything laying out. And I said excuse me sir,
please, you can’t do that here. It’s the public. Right, did he apologize? Yeah, he did. He had the decency that
I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Oh OK, I thought New
York was a terrible place. He tipped his hat. He was like, top of
the day, my lady. He does undo his belt and
starts, you know, just jacking. Whipping it? Yeah, and we’re
like, oh my god. That’s nasty. That’s nasty. OK. Keep your dick in
your pants, please. – OK.
– Thank you. If you could give one piece
of advice for people riding the subway– say people
watching this in Iowa, never been on a New
York City subway– what is the one piece of advice
they got to keep in their head when they ride it? And don’t hold back. You might get robbed,
so pay attention. [LAUGHTER] Yo. [MUSIC PLAYING]