you guys texture it looks okay
oh my texture is sooo bad it’s what you are stretchy I work on the stretchiness
I want to work on the looks cuz it just play but we need some color make it pop
out your eyes those are the pictures up to bathroom is chunky and like this area
but there’s a need not let’s rubber a little bit so I definitely have to fix
this a lot okay before you start the timer I’m gonna pick out my ingredients
so I think I was gonna add some shaving cream because to make your own glider
and then I was gonna add some blue to make it more like a midnight blue cuz
I’ll leave you for that so start later which is really pretty so the
ingredients I freaking out is some white glue to help it be more stretchier and
more later also some shaving cream and purple food okay and I have this gold
stars which I love there’s Tokyo this big jug of golden glitter if you maybe I should I don’t like this
in the bowl I’m gonna make it out I don’t know how much I think that’s good okay pop it off there
come on in minutes for me please mix I’ve never tried fixing straw outside
before and I don’t think I’m gonna be very good at it
oh gosh I don’t know if this is working or not I don’t even watch videos 90
watches videos i watch a lot of so I think over videos and they have glue and
it’s not even working it’s still rubber okay well the texture is good like how
it would with the normal home base line can’t did it put it on the table I have
a little boy that line is actually working it’s gonna see was leaning in
mixing it almost is getting later the glues not mixing in but I’m gonna try to
mix it who cares about the mess I did the best one ever okay I’d
actually press my right a little bit Thank You stretchier thought this will
work it’s not working a little lighter but and the textures nicer I just need
more okay I’m gonna add in the shaving cream this will definitely make you later okay this color is not changing very well you
find it could be a galaxy oh I feel free to smart hey heads up heads up Mattie so here is
my slide and as you know I was trying to work on the looks and when I would stand
on your own but I mean you can see like a little like a little little little
tint of blue and the stars the blue band like completely galaxy look and I do not
know where a lot of the stars bands like a black hole but let’s talk about the
texture I was not even on that and it just happens like slice feels like a
cloud that you can sleep on it’s so soft play and daddy don’t stop this is like
wow I live over text journal it’s easy it’s way better than it was before so I
feel proud of that really and the texture was not good and is stretchy but
it feels so like tough like look up your Silla
it’s so like soft like it clouds mine’s like top but it looks like a galaxy and
it’s really pretty so vote for me it’s really nice
Oh daddy I was kind of with the students at my house applause stars yes I’m like
wait normal litter yeah but mine has like I think mine we could buy the stars
it looks like the sky and I got some more texture see look
so kind below or on the community tab what’s up guys things you like the best
and I think it way is by because my picture is beautiful and my love’s
beautiful so I usually open mine but for the
textures and the looks but I kind of think it’s me it’s definitely
me because look how to answer our next slide glitter putty well it’s not slide
it’s putty but this all body looks really pretty so I think all we can do
is like maybe cheese texture like and make it prettier yeah I think we can do
that so anyways I’ll start so I’m gonna give a quick slide and I’m gonna trade
the yellow and orange to a blue and purple so we need paints beautiful
glitter and some clear glue to make its trick here so I’m the change went up to
and I’m gonna make your pastel so I was thinking about getting some shitty cream
because I’m gonna make it lighter and then some iridescent glitter and dust in
case it gets too light I need extra colors and some footballs a while
texture is um okay I’m gonna make you a loop is a little bit and a little too
messed oh okay I can’t boys hope when the color changes and it’s not like the
black but I jail for this okay we have to be real careful of this this looks
like it looks like my color actually changing yes it could be but it really
did look pretty before but paint okay I’m this works I’m as good of if
you like it’s working almost people that she really struck genial oh so gorgeous
okay like it’s coming like this one but it’s
still rubber now you should have got shaving cream and what up really helps
Matt we go to Bhagya you should have learned your lesson from the black sign
okay everyone and change to purple okay it looks like a piece of I don’t know
what I did I guess I just keep this one blue
mine are looking pastel on this mean I want to do one get these pests out and I
to be good change the green I had a lot I have a feeling it’s know what he did my extra car on base though like what’s
it to that Oh oh my god I love my people and I love it
I don’t know it’s it’s turning green okay
this yellow is pretty much double the textured not the best but that’s fine
because these pictures are all baby things like oh my gosh I’m at low be
honest though I really need these paints because third perfect you ready
time for some glitter so rubber it’s like socialist your doesn’t litter is
like really prettiest you’re lucky that year your pink is already planned out to
be P you’re very clear the purple pink I don’t really like the blue I like the
purple or pink more better and the purple is actually really nice
but let’s twirl them to make us up hey you two this is so pretty
oh my gosh actually no one’s looking it was warm I tried my best but there’s a
winner in it now okay let’s mix it well that’s actually really nice so here’s
Mary flying and it’s not that good it looks good but the texture is really bad
so here’s my son and they made a big blowup it’s all that style light and for
summer I really liked it and so far telling it from Maddy’s glitter daddy
they totally fell I dropped with the bed there hey my texture and also we poked
you for you and it’s really stretchy – but I’ll open some footballs and I ran
out of it with swirl these wet foam balls linked it’s really stretchy this is gonna be a lot of summer vibes
Scott yes okay um okay all right like a picture of this I’m gonna screech aah –
like right now I think you should be shut it – what’s your nesting fever’s
well I wonder what cause gonna be it’s so pretty here dude though is that so
guys you’re the judge which one do you like the best
Maddie’s look is very nice though what texture is it you know like my texture
is like really nice my texture really slide body like pudding horse like
actual pudding so I hope you guys enjoy this video make your call anytime or
down below which side is not like we like the best on each round goes to