Hi travellers, I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko. So I’m officially saying this is day one. So I’ve woken up, I’ve actually slept from my flight. Please check out my flight review from Christchurch to Shanghai. And I am in desperate need of some breakfast. They did give me a little welcome pack, but it didn’t include any food. I’ve never ever, not had a single ounce of food in my cupboard. Yes! I’ve just found a hairdresser. So my colleagues told me where the local supermarket is. It’s just the one that’s closest. Certainly not the biggest or the best or anything like that, but I actually just need something to eat. I’ve made a little list of other things that I’m missing from my apartment, which is effectively everything. So yeah, let explore a little supermarket. Oh, yes is it Cost me a whopping 62RMB for that. Um in terms of success well I knew it would be a bit hit and miss. There’s great things about shopping local because then there’s a different variety of stuff rather than a big-box store. But then it does also means that there’s less variety than a big-box store and some things are more expensive. Having lived here before then I sort of have a sense of what I’m expecting to pay for some of these sort of fundamental items. I definitely did not get everything on my list. I didn’t expect to. What I got to eat, it’s all crap. It’s all junk food. It was either that or ramen and I just don’t feel like that right at this moment. I’m also not really brave enough to try anything that I don’t know. I’m horrifically jet lagged and I just know I need to eat something. This is not at all good food. All righty success! All right, let’s get back and I’ll show you what I got. I am too tired and too just wiped out from the jet lag to be trialing new food. I’m just not in the mood for it, but I hope that you will be when you get here. I hope that you will buy something better than Oreos and a Snickers bar. But I’m just happy to see something that I know and I know what it’s gonna taste like. so this place, this little supermarket didn’t have any fruit or vegetables, so yeah, it is limiting. And also not knowing where, where like restaurants are that are okay, so I recommend asking your colleagues. They are great sense of support if you’re admin people because for example if I’d left it to now right now where I’m absolutely ravishingly hungry The admin staff haven’t, haven’t given any form of indication of where a store is. So I don’t know what they expected me to do on this first day or two, just eat nothing? Yes, definitely and I’m sure that other foreign staff will be like, I’ve never had a problem with that. They’re very empathetic people, we’ve been in the same boat. We know how hard it is. So you will, you’ll muddle your way through and that’s just fine. But yeah, definitely I recommend taking a little stock take off things that you arere gonna need to get comfortable. Certainly, I would say cleaning standards here can be different. So I’m really gutted it in my haul that I didn’t have, I didn’t get wet wipes. Because I’m fairly lazy when it comes to cleaning and At least, I don’t know I feel like it’s like a lino sort of floor, so I could just whip round on my hands and knees to just pick up All the bits have been missed by having a broom and shovel rather than a hoover doing it. So I’m quite gutted because also I want to wipe out all the cupboard space. So that I can take my clothes out of my suitcase. So that is actually a fundamental mistake that I’ve made, so it means that I have to go out again. I think I will find a new store to do that though, because yeah, you know We’ll have other things to explore and yeah You never know what you’ll find in the next store. So also use Taobao here in China I’m not set up. I don’t know where I live. But it is definitely, that’s really good outlet to be able to get things that you can’t find. They have like a water delivery system here and of course a new first land you have no idea about how to tap into that. Before you leave the airport go into a convenience store and buy food, buy water and you might, while you’re standing there checking out also pick up some snacks so that, then you can learn from my mistake and not wake up I do not have a scrap of food. But so when you’re in that muddle brain fog that is my reality right now You’re not going I have absolutely not a scrap of food and I am dying for a drink. Just yeah, don’t you don’t want to put yourself in that situation because it is not fun. If you’ve got any other tips for how to get over the jet lag cause that’s where I am right now And how to survive those first days, please put them in the comments box below. Good luck and we’ll see you in the next video.