Good morning!Good morning John! What you mean good morning? It’s afternoon darling! Oh yeah its afternoon. Good afternoon, sorry. It’s quarter to 1 in the afternoon so why I thought its’ good morning? I don’t know why Cause she just only got up to bed. No!! Oh yeah!!No!! I saw her in bed about 20 minutes ago. With you! With you, yeah. With you. Don’t give the secrets away So we are going to town today and let see what we gonna do in there Window shopping! We are here in the car park and I’ll just need to pay It is free parking mga palangga(my love) So we don’t need to pay God! the sun is so bright and I cannot see you. Lets go! John: It’s not park. I abandon it! Huh? I abandon it. Come on!! Squeeze! Squeeze! Stolling around the town John:He’s got a pig! He got a pippa pig, look! Oh no it’s a kid. Lol pig! it’s a kid. There’s a horse in there, look! There’s a lot of people! Look at those! what’s in there? You need to go up in there and film. Can you? Can you really? I see! There’s a real reindeer! They got a father Christmas as well mga palangga(my love) and John says would you like to sit on father’s Cchristmas knee I’m just so shy, there’s a lot of people! Teddy bear! We are looking for cards, Christmas cards! Come on, let’s go to Christmas cards deparment then. Where? Here lot’s of them The music is so loud! I’m scared to be strike of copyrighting There’s a lot of sale! I like that jumper, here. How about that?Is that alright? This is here spending all her hard earn money It’s a wooly hat No! I like to vlog but most of the store we went to the music is so loud Aww…this is’s a sprout Sprout! Would you like a sprout jumper hun? No! No? He is queuing. The starbucks is busy He’s coming!! John: I can’t believe you having two pieces of cake. Oh gosh!! I’m having a chocolate cake and latte and John is having carrot cake and as usual capuccino Freezing!! Pc world! We are looking for drone or just checking see what’s what but where is the drone? I don’t know Drone? Drone? Where? Down there, look. Where the cameras obviously. Plenty of camera display here! Here it is! Drone! What’s that? That’s little one. You can play them at home Do you have particular drone you looking for? Yeah mavic pro 2 . Is that the one? Are you warm? Very warm They don’t have a lot of stock for drone isn’t it? No but they suppose to have them but they haven’t got the mavic pro 2 which I want to see To see how large it is but they don’t have display but the weigh about a kilo Ohh… where is that coming from? Go now! That’s police. Quick! LEt’s go home mga palangga(my love). I apologise I did not use my tripod it’s in my bag. Because I am just shy walking around with the tripod and talking myself and there is people around. I feel like it’s too much John: Can we have english please? Cuz all the people or viewers are asking for english. John:I would as well. He’s getting naked! Wetwow! LOL That’s the handsome! John: Just for wrapping present John: Pencil to fill out some Christmas cards and rub it out afterwards and re- use the card next year! Recycle. That’s what recycle for!