I’m Tom Fox, Project Manager in the Marketing
Department of Goodwill Industries of SE Wisconsin and metropolitan Chicago, and we are here
today at our Brown Deer store in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, and we’re going to walk you through
what our team and the team from FASTSIGNS did to improve the interior of our store. Originally, we had mission ovals that showed
actual people who have been helped with services provided from Goodwill and those were all
around the store, and when we looked at that, trying to make it cleaner, more contemporary,
we thought, “You know what? Why don’t we move most of our mission statements
to the cash wrap?” “You Shop. We Train. People Work.” At Goodwill, we are all about work. A young woman in an administrative position
doing computer work, we have a culinary program here at Goodwill, office training skills,
and then a custodial/janitorial training program. What we originally had in the store was each
separate section was color-coded and what that did is when you walk into the store,
your eye kind of bounced around, so we thought let’s make it all the same thematic blue
and just kind of rest the eye a little bit and let the merchandise stand for itself. One of the other big things FASTSIGNS did
is “hey, we’ve got the ceiling height, let’s go ahead and make those banners more
impactful, show what we’re all about, and that is our customers and the people we serve
so let’s put faces on the overhead category banners.” And then, when I started with the company
about 2 and a half years ago, we had a piece of material called Invisilock. It’s a flexible magnet. And so working with FASTSIGNS what we came
up with was squares permanently affixed to the focal wall. Underneath the graphics, the Invisilock is
painted the same color as the wall, so if the graphic isn’t there, it kind of fades
into the background. And FASTSIGNS created a series of four different
graphics representing Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We don’t have cookie-cutter stores. When they’re new stores that we’re building
from the ground up, we try to fit them into an existing formula. However, if we’re buying an existing facility,
and repurposing it for a Goodwill store, the cash wraps might be a little bit narrower,
a little bit wider, a little bit deeper, so we have to do tweaks so it’s not really
one size fits all. And it all works! We are now at our Menomonee Falls store, but
this time we had another challenge – this time the cash wraps are against windows. So we had to resize the graphics, we have
six of them instead of four, but it also assists in the afternoon when the cashiers are getting
a lot of the hot sun coming through, they’re protected by the graphics in the window. It was really a pleasure working with FASTSIGNS. They came up with great ideas, and as we continue
to grow, I know we can rely on FASTSIGNS to take us to the next level.