There was a little puppy in the store and a emotional support animal in the mall so far today I don’t have a Reina with me Because we’re doing a plan and we’re gonna see how it goes Don’t worry about this my bunny everyone asks I’ll give you an update the the emotional support animal was a pug and then the puppy was I mean, I think it was a pitbull Mastiff mix, maybe because I have the wrinkles a lot ears up, but I don’t know so I told secure about the emotional Support. He was like pulling on the leash and everything, like leading towards people, so I don’t think they’ll even do anything but Doesn’t mean I can’t try They have not left the store the dogs not doing anything, but she’s in his arms They’re in line so What a crazy day. I said God Reina isn’t with me, that would be bad I’ve just been informed a German Shepherd walked in don’t know if it’s a service dog I saw the tail I didn’t see a vest But that’s not a big deal so I’m curious. Oh, I’m stuck help me Alison That one the one that’s it oh oh well he does have a German Shepherd sweater on the back of him. SO he might be with a training program That’s insane dog stuff that’s all I care about I’ll never confront a real service dog owner if I don’t have Reina. It’s not something you do, he was talking to someone Yes, I don’t care if your puppy is gonna be a service dog dog that young(talking about the puppy) To be on the ground (on a leash) Let’s see what we got for dog stuff I want a paracord thing. I’m so descriptive, (then me blabbering about dog gear I’m looking for. I really want a head halter, but I can never find any like in stores with dog stuff Look Patriots stuff, Whoa We’re leaving the dog section, I didn’t see anything that interest me So at the same ESA again fantastic pulling on the leash Stop bringing your fake or passing off here animals the service animals they are not. It says it on the vest (the vest said ESA)