as you guys can see we only partially
through the way with my disguise it’s only going to get better are you guys
feeling about the competition what if you’re confident we are in a public mall
they are going to have 60 minutes to find me there’s no way he’s gonna win
this time if they manage to find me within the 60 minutes they will be
awarded with $1,000 you could be on any one of these floors
neither my dad or keep they’re going to find me this disguise is honestly
overpowered by the timer starts now 60 minutes let’s go okay guys I just got
official word from Nick that the timer started so the hide-and-seek has begun
so the problem is I’m gonna try to keep my head down as much as possible I just
don’t to look too obvious I were heading into Belk Oh David David David David
whoa go outside he’s somewhere in the mall he said I couldn’t break the rules
come on we gotta go check somewhere else obviously is not in Macy’s let me think
let me think let’s see when he was little favorite
thing to do candy cookies don’t want to go to the candy it’s gotta be there ooh
wait David David David I don’t think he’s in the makeup section but what if
he’s in a disguise have you considered that you know yesterday his hair was
blue that’s a good thought so we all look for blue hair do you think he
switched it I feel like Preston’s definitely a type
of guy who switches hairstyle just for this challenge one of Keith’s having
better luck than I am we got to go to the third floor we can’t go second floor
there’s no way he’s on the second floor because why would he start on the same
floor we’re starting on these escalators are wasting valuable time we’re taking
the stairs next time do you think you would be in so I think he’s gonna be in
a big store good I know he’s not environment do you
think he’s disguised yeah I think he’s wearing this guy’s like what kind of
disguise it’s a small Asian man we have to tag in we’re just fine
I think just find him I sure hope we don’t have to tag him I can’t run as
fast as you okay so one thing I forgot to mention after 20 minutes you can no
longer hide on the third floor after 40 minutes you can’t hide on the third or
the second floor and you can only hide on the first note I’m so nervous I do
not want to give away a thousand dollars again I want to go broke
you don’t think he’s in this mass of people what color shirt is she wearing
today compute and disguise a disguise I’m telling you we shouldn’t discount
the disguise they lucky no luck at all in the Apple Store there sure is a lot
of people in here Nick have a great idea what David what are we gonna do to find
it find as many fans as we can we could like crowdsource this
yes exactly Groucho says the word okay if you see anyone wearing Preston Styles
comm merch we have to ask them to join our team for Keith does you know what
though we could go up to the highest floor and that way we can see the
farthest fathers to the phone you can look down and get later fathers too oh
this is a good spot for him to be under the mattress makes sense probably is
under one of the mattresses that Preston no that’s a woman who said
he’s not a woman I feel like this would be the floor to be on he’s not on the
third floor we’ll go we’ll go out this way and we’ll see you but I think no
Macy’s we’ve got to go a different direction
you’re gonna sprint out of here boosters on it hasn’t even been five minutes yet
I’m so nervous also if you’re wondering why I’m not
holding my phone like this I don’t want to spoil them vlogging so trying to hold
it like this but sometimes throughout the video I
will hold this like this I have this really bad feeling I’m gonna get caught
while vlogging and that’s how they’re gonna find me currently I’m heading to
the third floor in the mall we’ve been walking around for a long time and so
far we’ve made no progress oh I’m gonna find me we’re getting closer I know
we’re getting closer you know what though we’re gonna find a toy store a
toy store we’ve got someone hiding the toy store no he would hide an invoice
for he loves toys okay so Nick we gotta go back down the escalator why down the
escalator I think the toy stores the back down the
escalator come on come on but see you might go they won’t look in here because
they wouldn’t even suspect that I’d be in a forever 21 in incognito no
or were you there’s two psychology you’re back what Commerce I read barges
yeah reverse psychology’s probably pulling that always right now oh my gosh
what do you think can I have Intel from the camera person
so genuinely I don’t know if he’s hiding in one spot I think he’s moving around
we have 49 minutes left right I’m gonna disguise right now I’m hiding for my
friends do you think it works pretty good man it’s pretty oh I gotta fix some
I gotta work on my walk okay how should I walk kind of like okay like shorter
walk I’m getting trained right now apparently I’m not doing a good job
being a girl thank you so much this lady came up to me and she was like name is
there anything I can get for you and I turned around she was like this is gonna
be hard I’m now moving stores I’m looking for anybody with a camera
outside of the glass window too many girly stuff in there even if he’s in
there’s not worth it thousand dollars baby this is a huge mall I don’t know
how we’re gonna search all four floors let’s just start at the first floor and
we’ll just go all the way up that’s an idea okay let’s hit the escalator five
floors we’ve searched half of one so far I mean we still have 45 minutes left we
could win the scavenger hunt and there’s only one clone it’s just Preston we’re
scrapping over here is just think if you lost a friend in the mall what would you
do call him oh that’s a good idea hey Siri call Preston hey what you doing
Preston hey I’m just kinda hanging out in Dallas you want to meet and just
maybe or something what’s doing well are you
drinking anything like coffee or something maybe no hang up on me hyung a
home also do you think it’d be in Nordstrom so I feel like norms is too
fancy for Preston you can go to like a wedding and press and I’ll be marrying
fire merch I don’t see him thanks Maddie thanks for the help
we gotta move Maddie why are you running so much heels high knees Maddie high
knees we need to get you like one of those state like grano Rose stabilizers
I also feel like he could just be like with this hat down like sitting
somewhere just stationary not moving at all I just got a message for Nick top
floor is officially out of bounds okay down one up one down one let’s go hey
you got to keep up how am I supposed to win if you’re holding me back how much
was to be able to because I think David is runs you see a lightning-quick are
you okay wait hold on hold on hold on hold on down here do you think he’s
inside of a store I feel like he’s sitting somewhere on a couch outside of
the store so do you just want to look in them I don’t know how good is disguises
it’s pretty good what if he’s in his ghillie outfit it’s not as ghillie
outfit is it good did you see it do you know what it looks like yeah what does
it look like I can’t tell you that it was a hat it’s more than a hat yeah I
feel like he’s just gonna be like acting as a shop or somewhere you won’t
recognize him super mustache on is no mustache yeah did you see him today at
all yeah yeah not when he had this guy’s on though all right he’s not in he’s not
in the store you don’t think he’s in Zuzu’s two tubes no so we’ve got two
main problems one I didn’t use the bathroom before starting this video – I
am starting to sweat through the disguise and my makeup is coming off
slowly Pottery Barn I actually love this door
low-key dude this candle smells so good I would buy it but I have to stay in
disguise we’ve almost made it throughout the entire bottom floor
no sign of Keith no sign of dad so do me a favor if you guys would help me win
this hide-and-seek hit that subscribe button I don’t want to see it read okay
make that subscribe button gray we’re going back out the floor up there behind
me you get can you guys see this floor this is now off-limits
no more hiding on the third but I’ve got a strategy I’m gonna patrol
the second floor until the 20 minutes is done and try to hide in a corner on the
bottom of the first floor to win the challenge
pray for me okay I’m starting to get nervous I honestly can’t believe it’s
been this long and I haven’t seen dad or Keith 1 I haven’t even heard them once I
tend to move I gotta be careful I can’t smile either if I smile it’s also really
obvious so basically I have to be really boring for you guys while I’m hiding
there’s also another problem the second floor is really small compared to the
third floor my hiding spaces are starting to run out David how much time
is left on the timer 41 minutes 41 minutes so with 40 minutes left the top
floor gets eliminated he can’t hide there anymore so that means the top
floor is out which we do never searched in the beginning so it works out so he’s
proud watch the escalators for someone coming down that could be Preston
that’s going now that’s going now it’s had so he can’t see us David what if
Preston bought a wig what if he’s wearing a wig then I wouldn’t be able to
see his blue hair maybe we haven’t really had it in this direction yet and
there’s only three floors left so maybe we should start exploring the other
parts of the mall I think we missed him on the escalator or he was already down
here I’m looking for boo okay come on laughs I see and he sees me and he
starts running get out JC you could be following with a light jog but if you
get kicked out you’re not gonna win the thousand dollars okay Keith we have 39
minutes 39 minutes yeah yeah inside the Alpha store Keith I don’t think you do
how do you know because you have to buy something if you go in the Apple store
what is he gonna buy you’re telling me every single person that goes in the
Apple store buy something I think it’s a big percentage really
alright we’ll go in the album store you’ll buy something oh you tell me what
is outfit is I’ll buy I’ll split it with you my point is 500 you’ll split it with me? 500… 250 tell me what is it now 300 if I see him I’ll let you know
how’s that ideal what color is a shirt I can’t say come on no 50 bucks just to
tell me the color of a shirt black mighty bad doesn’t count that’s useless
Black! that doesn’t even I can’t believe I say keep it to build-a-bear cross way
over there what is their strategy they’re just sitting there waiting until
the time is up ok let’s go this way before he gets it then he won’t know
we’re searching you know I haven’t seen him once I’ve seen people that look
blocking I’ve seen people that just like you I’ve seen the part of the problem is
we don’t even know what he’s dressed like no like he could be wearing a
hoodie he be wearing sunglasses for all we know I did not pay attention what are
you wearing this morning David I mean it’s for $1000 I’m pretty sure he’s
gonna put on a disguise oh we found a back corridor looks like a dead end this
is spooky what is this well there’s this place feel like we
just time-traveled I thought I had him on he’s back here oh my gosh we’re
running again I haven’t had a first second I’m gonna be honest with you I
have not seen it it’s gonna be he’s gonna be had on nope no man he’s got a
hat no no hat there’s no way he doesn’t have a I swear to you he doesn’t have a
hat you just trying to make up for the fact I told me the color of his shirt
he’s gotta have this on my life he does not have this habit I know dude you’re
such a liar right now how did you know telling we should sell put the outfit
back on and I’ll be walking right by you and we’ll go walk by wait wait should we
print yeah yeah dad okay Nick and David and I’ll be I’ll pretend like I don’t
see it okay wait have you walked by them yet
yeah I walked right past though and they did recognize all right put this on
hurry I think he’s coming back all right put it on put on we’re gonna
prank my dad okay how do I take this okay you are you guys close my
arch-enemy oh yeah right didn’t where’d you guys go did you guys check this side
we just wallet over there and all we didn’t see we look I think I think I saw
his real and when I wasn’t sure so I’m gonna go
look this way wait what you should go look that way what does he say she’s a
hundred Mercer every we looked everywhere Braille he’s definitely not
back there what all right okay let’s go let’s go down this way let’s go down
this time to pull a fast one on him I’m a little bit concerned that we possibly
are missing him some howling he’s either hidden inside of a store because we’ve
walked a decent amount like unless he’s just staying still there’s no way we’re
missing him following you were here to follow me you’d be follow me I’ll follow
you go go go this might be better than the actual
video I’m honestly I’m sure how much time do we have until we get another
level eliminated it’s gotta be old one nope that you have 30 minutes left so we
could do another level hey damn it should we eliminate another
level right now yeah we’re gonna eliminate the next one so it’s the
mountain top floor but the floor were on now yeah this is gonna be well obviously
we want to eliminate that’s the third floor the top floor the one involved so
let me now that we’ve been kicked out of the
mall it is time to announce the first winner of the public hide-and-seek
championship Keith who will win $1,000 I still can’t believe he found me so quick
the luck was uncanny mr. Koerner dude I was nervous my plan
David so my dad we’d roll them my dad actually got kicked out of the mall make
sure you guys comment within the first 60 minutes of a video going up because
your comments will be displayed here so join the notification squad and we’ll
see you next time