MARISA: IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S THE END OF TOYS R US. AFTER DECADES OF MAKING CHILDREN — AND ADULTS — HAPPY .. REPORTS SAY THE BIG- BOX TOY STORE IS CLOSING ALL OF IT’S U-S STORES… SO IF YOU HAVE A GIFT CARD — BEST TO USE IT RIGHT AWAY. TOYS R US IS JUST ONE OF MANY GIANT RETAILERS THAT HAVE LEFT HAWAII’S MARKET. SO WHAT’S THE TREND NOW? AND WILL WE SEE MORE BIG BOX STORES SHUTTING DOWN? SARA MATTISON HAS MORE IN A STORY THAT’S NEW AT TEN. For lease signs…empty lots…familiar names hitting the red and then gone. STEPHANY SOFOS: unfortunately you are going to see a lot of stores you knew as a kid go away Real Estate Expert Stephany Sofos says it’s because millennials don’t shop like their parents anymore. STEPHANY SOFOS: the babyboom generation wanted everything in one place the millennials want to experience new things STEPHANY SOFOS: they want to have a small boutique that they can go in Sofo explains the trend now…is to take big retail spaces and break it up into smaller stores. STEPHANY SOFOS: so a small guy a small mom and pop would have an opportunity now to come into a shopping center because it will be small enough where they can afford the rent It’s been done at the old K- Mart location in Iwilei. Even at the former Sports Authority in Ward Village…new tenant Ohana Hale Marketplace is giving retailers a place to sell. JOHN WEAVER: we’re bringing in a number of entrepreneurs I would say roughly 250 or so JOHN WEAVER: 250 vendors selling retail items not like a swap meet all new material so new items SARA MATTISON: but there are companies that are doing well and are opening stores in different locations like ross dress for less so we asked sofos how are businesses like these thriving STEPHANY SOFOS: ross is doing well because they have name brands that are selling at a discount STEPHANY SOFOS: whole foods is doing fabulous ever since amazon bought them they have actually lowered their prices on their vegetable and fruit STEPHANY SOFOS: it’s now not whole paycheck it’s actually a good store MARISA: SARA’S HERE WITH US NOW — DO YOU THINK WE’RE GONNA SEE MORE DISCOUNT STORES LIKE ROSS? SARA: WELL, IT’S MORE LIKE BUSINESSES THAT CAN OFFER THE BEST BANG FOR OUR BUCK. SOFOS SAYS IT’S ALL ABOUT GOING BACK TO BASICS. IF COMPANIES WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL…THEY’LL NEED TO MAKE IT CONVENIENT FOR CUSTOMERS AND