hey everyone this is my first live this
is dr. paula moore the online posture doctor coming to you live from the
beautiful blue mountain regions of ontario as you can see this is my home
and you know how there’s a movement for arthritis and there’s a movement for
Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer and Colitis and Crohn’s there’s a
movement for everything and yet there isn’t a movement for posture something
wrong with that well that stops today I’m introducing #posturematters and
we’ve got some incredible posture swag coming your way in fact right now I have
over 100 fabulous t-shirt designs that that have been submitted online
and at the end of this week I think on Monday we’re going to have the final
design and if you want to be the first to grab your posture swag when I get
home I’ll be putting a link below so that you can be the first to hear about
it so why t-shirts well I’ve always had a
love of movements and of t-shirts so I can remember back in my early 20s for
Caribana this huge Caribbean parade in Toronto they shut down an entire highway
for it millions of people go to that I created a black Bart Simpson and that
did very well the t-shirts just flew off the shelf so to speak we have a
big huge gay pride parade in Toronto I created Kurt and Bernie the gay twins of
Bert and Ernie super popular I’ve just always loved t-shirts and how they
connect a message and a community so we’re introducing #posturematters
you can grab your swag be the first go ahead follow the link if you’re watching
this live I’m not home yet so you’re going to have to wait until I get home
thanks so much for joining me and I’ll see you again really soon
remember #posturematters now how do I end this I don’t think Milo knows