It is like this – ohhh.. Hello, everybody welcome back to another 7-Eleven food review. Today we are getting a full course meal precisely dinner at 7-Eleven. As always the five items , starting from drinks all the way to dessert, and since it is summertime we’re trying to get some are specific dishes today. Now we’ve done a lot of convenience store food hauls in the past if you are interested in that make sure to check that out We have a playlist just for you guys You can click right up there, and if this is your first time don’t forget to subscribe and finally press that notification bell So you don’t miss any other videos. So first one is drinks. Gotta have something to drink. What did you choose? What did I choose well you know I found this Something that I’ve never seen. This I think this is new for summer. And this is a drink some cafe du clear oil is this from Capita Korea. Yeah, he had no idea They were like selling drinks at lourdes now, but cafe. De Korea is kind of like a cheaper version of Starbucks Japanese chain yeah It’s super it is very much cheaper than like half the price of Starbucks, and this is called the summer very sparkling drink I’m how they respond creams for adults. That’s what it will pour out of it. I’m cold. Nah. I don’t think it’s alcohol I think it basically means that you can make it too sweet That usually means of Japan and because drink it usually means that it’s not as sweet Look at the color the color is like why? It is like why italian. Yeah like red wine. Yeah. I have to make sure I don’t spill on your white gym bag This is my new gym day. Yeah, be careful. Ease a lot of like tomatoey stuff. Yeah Ask you take care. I got Pink goose movie yes. I don’t know this is for dinner, but I don’t mind yeah out of mine either who cares I who’s this movie has to be for breakfast It’s pink cut up because they’re using a pink grapefruit and big oh I see interesting as it could be yogurt Smoothie is open all right hmM Now usually you wouldn’t need to open it You just open straw right through it, but we want to show you what it looks like on the in night Look, oh You should really me and it’s really pink then I see and I think This are like grapes with maybe I think so yeah Engine anything all right let’s cheers. Everybody come by come by docume You know mine is refreshing and it’s not that sweet, but it’s super flavorful with all the different berries in here I’m surprising the first to taste is you got? is if you go, but after that oh The grapefruits came really yeah, I was a fake can you take a fake? The big Day is a big appetizer appetizer, okay First thing I got I got a cold appetizer because it’s summer and this is an octopus and broccoli potato in basil Sounds delicious. Yes, love basil sauce and this is a 298 yen that is including the tax for general purposes 100 Yen equals one Year’s dollar look at that. Look at that But here is the octopus it’s not amazing it smells amazing I Love without without the baby soul Mmm mmM quickly everybody it’s providing really fresh trickery broccoli mmM What’s good Rocker is good hmm potato is good. It’s not mushy. It’s still formed too, but soft enough This is La who does this I believe Allison is absolutely enchilada it means it’s a surfing noodle with Dashi stock Japanese the Dashi stock side of it I see and the texture is it Sister-sister, so it’s like Like like when you swap the so by Jack a little bit slimy This cap is very amazing at the bottom there are tensing noodles and the topping is Separately from the leakages area oh On another trade right so this keeps everything fraction. Oh crab nameko mushroom and the seaweed And the most good fry which are TV in Japan two different types of degrees Melissa is very very popular in Okinawa a really good for you as well. I like mom. Oh hmm. I can tell this is Gonna be good anymore. The hot mom Is it good it’s so refreshing really? That’s pretty but it’s really nice really Yeah, very touching and very Dashi Mmm mmm. Oh yeah, and a little bit timeless, it’s much all very Interesting sorry I have to date bombers are so good. Oh, no it is wonderful It’s a bit of a salad and soup. I became a fan of this me too next one here. We go now This is one of my favorite things in the whole world When it comes to convince store foods usually I get this triangular package Usually I get the edamame that they sell in the same packaging they have like maybe four different items But today I decide to get a potato and sausage Mixture we’re going to microwave this for one minute a 500 watt and then you take it out And you just pull it apart like this and You get your food and then your plate right? This is so useful I mean if you’re like staying in a hotel room And if you have a microwave oven all you have to do is peel it open and there you go so it smells amazing I can smell it smells like German to Prohibit our own sausage, but the sausage mmM, so good really yes, it is both good smell Mmm-Hmm good sausage, this is your typical Japanese sausage, but a good kind not the fish one hMM The potatoes are well seasoned – and not literally at all. Let’s go japanese those eggs, right type of potato I’m always scared that potatoes going to be mushy, but it’s not mushy at all. It’s a little retain You know a shade then and the hid the texture yeah, yeah, exactly my next appetizer is Maggie Moral Essay a Makara tori karaage Mmm. It’s simply color again five chicken But with with sweet and sour sauce and green onion pie, and this car again is eaten cold That’s very interesting because color is usually eaten hot yeah, I love this green onion Well yeah, and what’s interesting is that the green onion is separated from the color I am yeah, yeah, and so I really appreciate that so you put that on top later and What that does is it keeps the onions crispy this looks so good mmm on him hMm hmM oh I love this it’s cold, but still really good It really is gregory the the cold color agate it tastes bad But this is clear. It’s true. I don’t know what they did to it. Maybe it’s a sauce. I think so sauce and an egg Million write the Green onion makes it refreshing But this sauce has dashi Flavor a little bit soy sauce kind of sweet and sour This is delicious and for my main course I got this cold pasta this is cold Pasta with Prosciutto and tomato sauce let’s open this up Yeah, how rich I know the great thing about summer times that you get these cold noodles quran and cold Soba your a lot? Of cool dishes are delicious and only available during the hot months if you want to know about cold noodle of Japan Please check this video. It’s a signature 2 V noodle eating so once again I love it because the ingredients are Separated completely and the sauce is separated so the noodles don’t get soggy okay, let’s pour it on and Look at that. Love love love. Love. Look okay. I am ready to try this one, la it’s like italy It’s like italy yeah Okay, the like Ma Hmm Mmm. It’s my favorite two type of Noodles mmM mmM fabulous mmM Oh, yeah, it’s really good me. It’s like Because you get something like this at a really nice restaurant This is really good. I want to make this it’s so good. It shouldn’t be that difficult to make isn’t it amazing All right, right yeah, exactly. It’s like topical all applause but oh gosh. This is so good there’s like the sweetness from the onions the prosciutto is giving it that nice saltiness and the Tomato Sauce is super Flavorful. It’s like really good tomato. Sauce my main course is Spicy Cargo pit economy scandal yeah It’s a little bit spicy Mexican Mexican Doria Doria yeah, she’s now now most likely they will not know what Doria is Doria is from Toriyama yagami Doria is in rice Dish baked rice usually with some kind of sauce over it and ingredients so this one is a Mexican tortilla now Dolia belongs the same category as Spaghetti Nepali time this is this this goes into the yosaku category what why do you mix it up later probably? There’s like taco meat on it. I see Comida right yeah, I don’t know why there’s sausage. It looks like a german sausage Taco right really may. I try really spicy spicy Taco meat Oh spicy hot really mmm. Really I’m going to tell you even part yeah The taste is very family a whole ask Japanese But why I don’t know I don’t know if this mix come no, it’s definitely not nice again But I know that a buddy. I mean like the discus. Yeah, it does have a kick to it This is like comfort food to me real it it tastes a little bit Mexican like the Mexican spices but It’s very Japanese. It’s very Japanese Jewish a potato okay. It’s a bit at a time because part of the meal so this is a 7/11 premium Brand and you know their premium line is amazing they have a lot of different foods from savory to cookies and Ice cream and all kind of stuff if you guys are interested in us doing a 7/11 premium food review Please let us know in the comment down below not only that I’m really interested in trying them out loud, okay So this one is the tiramisu shaved ice hi Yeah, this is shaved ice with some water. I know I know it’s like. It’s like a wtF county Area right, but so let’s open it up Yeah, when you open it, it looks like tiramisu Right let’s see what it looks like on the inside okay, it’s quite soft and Salty shave ice yeah, it looks like vanilla ice cream It’s quite, but it’s not ice cream I don’t know well. I’m hoping ice cream or that would be like False advertising Hmm first of all it tastes, just like Jeremy, so it’s like you’re eating frozen Tiramisu yeah It is shaved ice reading sure is like. I just shaved ice it doesn’t predict shape It doesn’t look like it at all is really Right it’s late guys right. It’s like creamy shade day. Yeah toxic it though Yeah, there’s definitely like the conch of the iphone. They’re like fine. Oh This is an unmitigated Nerd I gotta show you what looks like inside It’s beautiful on the inside there is some kind of sauce and on the packaging. It says this is a coffee sauce Yeah, so I think that’s coffee. It’s coffee. It’s coffee. It’s sweet coffee. I’ll trust you try the part with the coffee delicious Like the movie one of the most amazing Versions of one has wow I killed Very very easily that is a desert event that is my tibia Much mochi a whole monkey Lord I thought that a hamachi season was finish here a hamachi is eaten in February regularly, okay? And it’s already august yes, it’s a photo maki sushi Sue Tamaki machine is a very thick so she rolls with no type of sushi. I eat it like this oh We got sugar extra is ridiculous You can’t color you’re supposed to eat it in silence facing that particular Direction And you just eat it in silence the whole family that and the moon it is Promoting the tama tested on tama home. Oh my goodness, and this comes in desert storm Yeah, yeah, this is a shape like to tamaki like half of happily Happy a completely good cake right the outside is the mochi Mochi Cocoa sponge the sponge of caca okay sponge cake for the cake and inside is white Queen and Around the white cream there a custard. Oh wow okay? Create a year, okay. That sounds very interesting May I eat one bite no we have to save me some We have to eat it like that. Oh Interesting texture the outside sponge is really squishy really enjoy very much it much more easy Mantra Mochi Interesting though to this point like mochi flour. I’m Gonna go up a technique. Give me please dig near is Chema’s When you bite into it first the texture is just like sponge cake, but as you chew it becomes truly interior I mean, not like bubblegum or anything, but like already delicate Mochi is so interesting if I can say the cream should be more colorful Because that the a hamachi has a cutaway you good again So that would actually make it more fun as well and visually more appealing yeah Expectable next to summer negev 11 yesterday 11 were expecting a lot more from this one next year Oh, we’ve had 10 different items today. Which was your favorite mmmmm. You know mine My favorite one is the pasta oh It was a good one my favorite one is Chakalaka That is my number one this color again was like So good. I want to go out and buy more, so this is what we got from 7-eleven today Please let us know what we thought about the food that we ate and we should were your favorites in the comments down below Was it going to do miss any of our community videos check it out by person on that? I finally a big shout out to all our patients who are supporting us if you enjoyed this video Please give it a like and if you think your friends will enjoy it please share with your friends Thanks for watching and until next time bye. Bye you you