bruja girl shit yup in my bag but I mean he is too in there boy time you see me oh yeah excuse me those little hair pants you know boss sexy see I got baby through I'm gonna put some of these in her hair okay for Deanna's get here so I have taking bad bad job down just for a second girls so I can get like some product photos so this is for my phone like I said of that but it's one of these kind of little tripod so it was like $13 on Amazon this is actual tripod dish from Amazon to for my actual camera yeah this is the camera then I use all the picture I got sand all the written ones at the beach but all the pictures on my website he was just camera for its the cool pics but yeah and then I could take this off and put my camera right there I wanna do something like that or use my phone cuz sometimes I kind of the video on my phone comes out cuz I got the iPhone excess so sometimes some pictures come out better this backup and then I'll be right back this is the first – oh so sick do you know I completely gave you thought yeah I go ahead you ready gave his character and that was my face mother and then look back and smile do it are you ready yeah just walk by dude oh you're bad bitch walk oh okay