Hi there, friends of Bazaar Movie. I am Xiao Zhan.For me, the biggest challenge in the early filming of the movie is capturing his cute and clueless nature. He hasn’t experience much of life and still retains an innocent youthful character. His eyes often reveal a state of ignorance of the challenges of the world. This part of filming I feel was rather difficult for me, different from my past roles. It’s a question I’ve been thinking about. When acting, how do I allow the audience to see a different Zhang Xiao Fan, a different Xiao Zhan. What was the most memorable scene with your co-actor? There was a quite memorable scene with Bi Yao (Actress Mei Qi). We were in a reed field, running fast. But the reeds were very tall, taller than me. The character of Bi Yao (as was defined by the script) is a somewhat unbridled heroine. She’s always in front, brushing all obstacles away. After shooting a scene, my hands would always have cuts on them But she would get cuts on her face as well as hands. So I feel that it was not easy shooting that scene. On the matter of hardship… I think everyone endured hardship during that time. Behind the scene workers endured hardships. We battled on together, so I felt it was all ok in the end. There was a scene with Li Qian (actress) on a cliff. It was so cold that she could not speak a word! At 3 am in the morning, it was so cold, her mouth was full of steaming air. I believe you will also see this scene when watching the movie. We were shivering under our breaths. But Zhang Xiao Fan can shiver because his character was portraying a state of fright. She kicked me off the cliff and I was pulled up upside down.. She stood there on the top like a statue, still and calm. Afterwards, I saw her shivering all over. I asked why she was shivering She was meant to be cool and unapproachable haha. She said she didn’t know that she was shivering.我感觉很好。哈哈哈 Nah, I do feel that it was a bit tattered…. But when the director said at the opening ceremony that the outfit was worth 100,000 Thai Baht (about 3300 USD), I don’t feel it’s tattered anymore haha. To be honest, there was a time when I felt like this. After I finished the inital costume trial, I stood in front of the mirror. My first reaction was ‘ Oh my …’ Isn’t Zhang Xiao Fan’s character a celestial hero? What happened to him? Afterwards, the director showed me some raw footage from the shooting. I threw away all my doubts. In fact, the costume blends very well into the tonal colours of the movie. I so thought, OK, I trust in the director’s vision.I feel that there were breakthroughs that could be seen with the naked eye. You guys can have a look for yourself. I feel that with Xiao Fan… When I got the script, there were similarities between the two characters. Wei Wu Xian and Zhang Xiao Fan. They have points of similarities. This is something I troubled over, pondered about. This is… How do I portray the differences between the characters. This problem troubled me for a long time. But the director said, ‘Just read the script, don’t overthink. Just act the Zhang Xiao Fan from your heart.’ Honest, sincere. That is good enough. What was finally revealed I felt was actually quite different. Even though they had similar experiences, I can say… the feelings I portrayed of the 2 characters are different.Treating others with sincerity. I always feel that, with friends, colleges, with life, I need to treat them all with sincerity.Right now I want to tell him that he cooks such delicious food! But if I can go back in time, I will tell him please wear more clothes! Wear proper shoes!No, we can have a gathering online, through video chats. I will ask them to watch the movie when it opens in cinema. Mum and dad please go watch 🙂 Is there a moment in life when you want to return to ‘ordinariness’? How do you usually reconcile with yourself?>I’m pretty ordinary, still ordinary… I don’t feel different. Just the pace of life has increased. But I feel that I’m still living an ordinary life. Do whatever is comfortable. Go downstairs, buy groceries, just as before. Of course there are some concerns, work concerns. But my life in general is still the same. Work concern is…. there is more focus on me now. There’s more pressure. Pace of life and work are faster. I need to constantly adjust my physical and mental state to keep up with this pace. How do you reconcile with your ownself? I think there’s no mountain you can’t climb over. Have a good sleep and everything will pass. I don’t play much games anymore. I sleep whenever I have time. I sleep when having makeup done, in the car, on the plane. Other spare time, I read scripts. So I think for myself, it’s good not to think too much. Life will push you along. Many problems will be solved as you face them naturally.Wow, this question is so intense. I would like to say that I wish to construct a relationship such that we can mutually communicate to eachother. I can find out about what fans are doing in their daily lives. And you can find out what I am currently doing. I think this is a very subtle kind of connection between an idol and his fans. For example, I would set up a place (online) where they can leave messages. Just normal things like, ‘I was late for work today.’ ‘I was scolded by my boss.’ breakups, quarrels , quarrel with parents, didn’t study well, failed test etc…. I think this is what attracts me. Mutual trust. Like speaking words of happiness or sadness into a tree hollow. With not a care in the world, say what you want to say.I think it’s needless to speak many words. We will be there for each other and thank you.