Finally, we meet, Khun Ploy. I’ve heard so much about you. Never thought we would meet in person You know my name? How can I not, Khun Ploy? Who do you want to buy a gift for? A gift? Yes, my shop sells gifts. But only gifts to be given to someone you hate. Do you have someone you hate? So much so that you want to give a gift to I do Tell me their name Our shop will handle the delivery. Gift Shop for Someone You Hate Gift from your best friend First place goes to Prang Prangrung Saehiw. P’Num, please pull over. I know that you’re embarrassed by getting dropped off by a poor brother who rides an old motorcycle Enough. I don’t need drama I just don’t want people to say stuff behind my back See you. Study hard and don’t come home late Sure. Bye. OK. Bye. Ploy Ploy Did you forget your art project? Sorry, Dad. I know you don’t like art But I need you to do well in all subjects Sure, Dad. Study hard. This is the last semester Make sure you get the top mark again I have to go I have a meeting this morning. I don’t wanna be late. Good luck, Dad. Prang. Sawasdee kha. What’s up? Did you go to bed late last night? Midnight. Why so late? Congratulations on making it to another round. That’s awesome. Thanks. I got first place in yesterday’s vote. If we keep going at this rate you may have a friend who’s an artist in a girl group band You will make it. I was reading comments last night They said Mamiew did better than me. What do you think? Between Mamiew and me, who performed better? It’s you, of course Seriously, be objective. Let me watch it and get back to you You didn’t watch it last night? I had to study so I missed the live show But I watched it. I think you were phenomenal yesterday Better than everyone, including Mamiew It’s no surprise that you got first place Really? Thanks. See? Even though I didn’t watch it, I knew that you’d done a great job Pimpisa have you redone the painting that I told you to? I have I don’t accept assignments here Drop it off at my desk. Ploy, where does he get off getting in your face like that? That’s true. I’m the detective in charge of this case. I have a few questions to ask you I need a bit more time to investigate this case I won’t allow it. Do you think a man who died of epilepsy is a murder case?