Go ahead and shoot me. Kill me. It’s what your old man wanted. Son of a bitch! My dad would never do something like that. Finally, we’ve met. Do you have any ideas how many people you’ve killed? I just provide a channel to service clients who want to release their hatred. What kind of sick logic is this? My logic may sound sick, but what about the logic that makes you see this shop? That’s even sicker. Take off your mask. You’re mad about something else. Don’t take it out on me Don’t I look like your father? What the hell are you? I’m hatred. Actually, I can be anything your hatred wants me to be Too bad, it’s the person who’s already dead I so want to give this a ‘like’. The person whom you hate so much that you saw this shop is your dead old dad How can I sell a gift to you then? Do not be alarmed. As I told you, I’m an ordinary salesman. The person whom you should be afraid of isn’t me It’s those who caused your father’s death Are you interested to hear some good offers from our shop? I’d never buy anything from you. Oi, here we go again. I told you, we just deliver according to the orders from clients This shop is just a way for the clients to blow off some hatred It’s the item from this shop that killed my dad Well, I couldn’t argue with that. But it just goes to show how effective our shop is in taking care of someone you hate. You have someone in mind. Keen to buy a piece? I will put you in jail. You can’t. You can’t even find the damn gift shop. Do you really think what you’re doing can change everything? Doing good does not bring about justice P’Chut Gift from someone you hate Two weeks later We have an accident to report. A car crashed into a bridge causing two high-ranking police officers Pol Lt Gen Sakda Ruengsak and Pol Col Theera Thammakul to die at the scene. A CCTV footage reveals that their car veered off and crashed into the bridge deck at high speed The back wheels were vertically hung on the bridge while the front and right side were severely damaged. This caused both officers to die immediately at the scene The bodies of Sakda and Theera were sent to the forensic institute for autopsy to investigate further the real cause of deaths. Does being good you’re so aspired to bring justice to your father? Does it help you catch the real bad guys? I don’t see that you’ve been able to save anyone. Your father died. Your friend died. And you can’t do anything to those who killed them. They are so far out of your reach. In my opinion, if you’re stuck in your old ways, you will never be able to do anything to them Isn’t that true? Deep down, you’re well aware So, what do you say? Will you take me down? Or will you buy a product from this shop to take down those you hate. P’Chut, You’ve found the gift shop, haven’t you? I had to do it I believe you had your reason Do you want breakfast? I’ll fix something No, I’m good. P’Chut, come on, eat something Let see what you have here. P’Chut, how come your fridge is nearly empty? How did you manage to survive? Don’t even know if this has spoiled yet. Bell! Bell! Are you okay? Bell. It’s okay. We can start over. Ploy, I love you so much There hasn’t been a day that I don’t think of you. I’m so sorry that it had to end this way I want you to understand that I really had to do it. I had no other choice. Thank you for giving up your life. I love you so much, Ploy. What’s up, Prasert? What happened? How did they die? Are you sure it doesn’t hurt? Not at all. Your remaining life years will be so valuable Your sacrifice will effect great change. Happy new year. Thank you Yesterday, Prime Minister Surasit Siripongraksa gave a press conference on planned policies that he promised during the election campaign, stating that they will be in effect in the next year The Prime Minister said the policies will focus on reducing disparity within the society to create equality There will be policies on equal access to healthcare in the form of an equal card that can be used in all state hospitals nationwide More budget and resources will be allocated to this project Come on, there’s nothing we can do. I know but it’s so frustrating. Don’t be upset. It’s a waste of time Use this time to fix another delicious meal for me Delicious, huh? I’ll cook some fried rice with shrimp next time. Too bad I’ll only a short time left to enjoy yummy food. P’Num, don’t joke about something like this. I’ll seriously cry on you. Fine, I won’t anymore. When will you be back? I’ll be back right after school. I want to countdown with my brother. Guys, let’s exchange gifts. Open it now. No, I’ll do it at home. Prang, it’s your turn. What’s wrong? Did someone pull a prank? Why is Ploy’s name in here? Let me see. Ploy. To Prang
From Ploy
Level 4 Someone gave you a gift Who put a gift on my desk? What is this?