Ploy sent me this text on her birthday when it happened The news may not have accurate information of what happened that night. Your action is worth the life years that all of us have sacrificed for you to become the prime minister The party has not confirmed the disappearance of Supasit Siripongraksa Do you think that website, The Judge, we found the other day has something to do with this? I can’t believe No. 9’s plan would take care of Supasit so quickly I want to thank you all first but not as No. 9. As a… Khun Weeraphat, you are Thailand’s famed businessman Khun Jintana, a SEA write laureate Chef John. You are an indie film director. Khun Grace, you’re a fashionista of a famous brand No. 7, Khun Bandit, a legendary traditional musician Khun Worawut, a talented lawyer. You are an archaeologist. I wouldn’t have thought you had a dark side. Oh, Khun Supasit asked me to tell you that your masks can’t help this country. Is this how the police work around here? How can you rush to the conclusion that my dad killed himself? We based it on the autopsy The results indicate that Mr. Weeraphat was poisoned That’s it? Nothing in my dad’s life would prompt him to kill himself He just received a prestigious award And he’s about to have a grandchild Think about it, what would make him want to die? I have no idea about the motivation But all evidence points to that conclusion Remember your words carefully I’ll find more evidence and sue you all to shit. A word Don’t you find anything suspicious about the case that’s just been closed? What else is left to be suspicious about? The evidence clearly points to a suicide But the daughter just told you her dad had no reason to kill himself. How am I supposed to know? He may have been under a lot of stress and taken his life but wouldn’t tell anybody. Why didn’t you investigate this case properly? How can you just close it that easily? Gen Sakda gave you an order, right? That’s why you rushed to close it quickly. No, he didn’t. You should reopen it to do more investigation How can I do that? The case has been closed Fine, I’ll do it myself. Chut, I’m telling you, the cash has been closed I’m telling you, I’ll do this myself You think this case involves that giftshop again? It may. When will you stop with this crazy theory? If that gift shop existed the police would catch it a long time ago. Do you really expect me to stop? I saw that damn logo on my dad’s gun. And you proved it that the gun was a normal gun. The evidence clearly indicated that your dad committed suicide I think you should stop. Snap yourself out of it You think I should stop? Oh right, you dad didn’t die. Chut! What? Do you really believe in the evidence that much? How can you be sure that the evidence is not fooling you? Listen to me carefully. As long as this damn logo is still around, I will never stop Excuse me, sirs Here it is. I’ve closed Mr. Weeraphat’s case Well done, Lieutenant. Over the past three months, you’ve closed 14 cases I am impressed by your performance and achievements Thank you very much It’s not just me though There are many officers who helped with the cases. Before I forget, I’ll put up your name for a promotion as a reward for your performance and loyalty Thank you. Gift from the righteousness Seven years ago. Deputy, I thought you’re out Turns out you’re here. I got the promotion months ago Stop teasing me. Tease? You got promoted to a deputy superintendent, Dad It’s only right that I call you Deputy. Do you have something to talk? Nothing, I just stopped by to say hello before I leave for work This isn’t a work day. Are you on duty? I’m a young, energetic officer. I might turn out cool like you one day. If you keep this up, you will outrank me in no time Deputy, you are too kind. I’m leaving for work now Let’s have dinner together. Go on. Wait, Deputy. It seems like it will rain. Please could you bring all the laundry inside? Will do, Lieutenant. Cause of death: drug overdose. Cause of death: suicide by poisoning Cause of death: suicide by poisoning. Cause of death: suicide by poisoning. Cause of death: suicide by poisoning. All committed suicide at around the same time How long are you gonna keep this from me? You sent a gift to your boss to kill her, didn’t you? You ordered me to forge documentation as evidence for all 8 cases. It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it?