(What’s the last thing you do before you close your eyes?) LuHan: Close my eyes (yes, the last thing you do before you go to bed every day) LuHan: Close my eyes (What time do you go to bed?) different on work day and day off (day off) LuHan: I won’t sleep until dawn. (What is your favorite food recently?) LuHan: Recently, hot pot, different types of hotpot (Which one do you use, electric razor or razor blades?) LuHan: Electric razor (What is your favorite LuHan emoji?) LuHan: My favorite emoji, Let me think…what emoji have I released? crying with happiness (Can you show me?) LuHan: Again? OK, never mind. (What color is your pajamas?) LuHan: Sleeping naked (Who is the last person you chat with on WeChat?) LuHan: Lao Gao (If your favorite shoes and watch fall into the water at the same time, which one will you save first?) LuHan: Shoes, because watches are waterproof