Hiii everyone! Today I will show you how to achieve a foundation base that gives your skin a natural and dewy finish The key to achieve a glowing skin comes from the perfect and well-prep skincare routine, The more time you spend and invest in skincare routine the better, glowier and healthier looking base you get later. First, I always spend extra time to cleanse my pores Removing all of the impurities and dirt lies underneath as well as to hydrate my skin So when we apply makeup, our base will be flawless. I always prefer using Gel-form cleanser that is mild-foam and lightweight It’s soothing for the skin and suitable for all skin types I love this cleanser because it doesn’t dry out and keep my skin hydrated. After washing my face I will use essence to soften and balance the skin’s PH level which helps my skin to absorb all of the active ingredients more effectively Oasis Hydrating beauty essence from H2O has Red Algae, Water Lily and Sea Grass extract Helps improve skin hydration and protect moisture loss. as well as improving skin brightness and elasticity I will leave all of the product links and information below this video, along with the DISCOUNT CODE Don’t miss out! Next, I use Oasis Hydrating gel to provide moisture and hydrate my skin. and prevent it from dehydration throughout the day I prefer products with gel consistency for daytime routine. it’s lightweight and perfect my Combination skin type Remember that, consistency is key when it comes to skincare effectiveness. Flawless skin rarely happens overnight Everyone wishes to have a bright and healthy complextion. I’m no exception. In order to achieve that, we should start building a good and consistent skincare regimen day by day. Next, I will apply on eye cream to protect and prevent my eye areas from wrinkling Anti-aging is never too early to start Lastly is moisturizing my lips Did you know that your lip is one of the thinnest layers of skin on the face? When you don’t drink enough water or moisturize your lips well enough dehydration will show immediately on your lips With that said, we should give them extra love! Today, I will use Chic Skin cushion from Tony Moly x Moschino After trying it out for the first time I loved it so much because of its excellent coverage and glowing finish After just one light layer, my skin instatly becomes flawless and glowing. I can’t get enough of it With the innovative makeup technology no wonder why all K-pop stars always have the most natural and flawless makeup! Next, I will use eye concealer from Kaja to brighten and highlight my nose bridge, under eye area, forehead and chin These are the highlight points of your face makeup. I use a beauty sponge to gently dab the concealer onto the skin This concealer has a light and watery texture It easily melt and absorb on the skin I will set this makeup base with Innisfree’s powder Yayyy! It was recommended by my followers I heard so many positive reviews from you guys so I finally got one for myself Just like the hype, this powder eliminates all the shine really well this powder can eliminate all the shine really well Next, I use a brow powder from Canmake to fill in my eyebrows After that, I will use a brow pencil from Etude House, with a smaller pencil point, I use it to sharpen my brow ends After that, I use a bronzer from Fenty Beauty to contour my nose and eye crease I choose an eyeshadow from Colourpop Then use my finger to apply it evenly on both my upper and lower eyelids I use a sparkle orange shadow from the palette then apply it to the middle of my eyelids Next, I use a deep plum color to line on both my upper and lower lashlines With a black liner pencil I tightline the upper lashlines After that, I use a brow liquid eyeliner to draw a thin line eyeliner close to the lashlin and extend a bit at the tail I use a sparkle coral eyeshadow from Kaja’s Bento eyeshadow then apply it to my inner corner with a brush Next is dark orange eyeshadow, to fill in my crease, helps to create deeper crease and rounder eyes And a similar orange eyeshadow for the lower lashlines Then I’ll curl my eyelashes before applying falsies These falsies look so natural and perfect for today’s makeup look. Once the glue is fully dried, we curl them one last time. And we’ve finished with the falsies application! Coat your lashes with some mascara so the eyelashes will look more natural The key of this look is the sparkly glitter on the eye makeup I really love using Colourpop gel glitter! They’re pigmented and also very easy to apply. It makes the application becomes much simpler and faster. For this step, I will focus on applying glitter on upper eyelids Using brush or finger to apply is fine either way Now, I’m gonna change into my dress and finish up my hair. before continuing with the rest of the makeup look. I haven’t eaten anything since I started filming. so I will try to snack a little bit in between. Please bear with me! :”) I will contour my jawlines for a slimmer appearance Then contour and highlight my nose for a better defined look I will use a coral peach blush for my cheeks This is the first time I’m trying out this lipstick. It glides on smoothly It is not completely a tinted lipstick It has a similar texture and finish like a satin lipstick. rather than liquid tinted lipstick Even so, I still love the quality because it’s lightweight, hydrating and perfect for everyday use. Next, I will layer with Clio Mad Velvet tint and apply it in my inner lips. It has a semi-matte finish with a smooth and velvety texture which is ideal for inner lip application. since it’s really natural and lightweight A minus point I noticed in most vevet lipstick is that they can easily dry out the lips That’s why I usually pair it with with a smooth lipstick underneath Lastly, I will apply a thin layer of lip balm to lock in the moisture and keep it hydrated. which helps my lips to look more plumped and rich. Today’s makeup is now completed! The key to a perfect makeup base is from building and maintaining a good skincare regimen. When you invest your time in skincare, even without makeup, your skin will still look fresh, healthy and dewy. Thank you for watching this video! I hope to see you real soon in my next video! Bye-byeeee!!!