Outfit your whole gym with classic bumper
plates at a great value. Introducing Gopher Bumper Plates. Made with high-durometer recycled rubber,
these plates deliver maximum durability to your weight room or gym. The high-density bonded rubber is designed
to resist cracking and warping better than similar recycled rubber plates, so you can
lift longer than the rest. More economical than virgin rubber plates,
Gopher Bumper Plates are a budget-friendly choice for schools and facilities looking
to equip dozens of students once. Weight denotations are embossed in the material
to resist wear and tear, and the classic matte black finish lends a professional look to
your gym or school. Available in pairs, 6-piece sets, or 10-piece
deluxe sets that include 160 lb in plates, a men’s or women’s bar, two collars, and
a storage rack to protect your plates and spiff up your gym. Lift exceptional fitness plates at a great
value with Gopher Bumper Plates—only from Gopher!