hi guys Burj Kalifa one of the tallest
and biggest man-made structure in the world and the base of it is Dubai Mall
one the largest shopping mall in the world visited by most of the tourists
across the globe who visit Dubai more than 75 million visitors every year
to come to Dubai Mall for shopping and leisure welcome to another episode of
travel treats let’s check it out so guys dubai mall as we know as we know
one of the largest mall to cover over 12 million square feet however that’s not
all of it this mall also has an indoor waterfall
and Olympic sized ice ray world’s largest indoor aquarium and underwater
zoo the mall also houses almost all the
renowned brands along with some humongous store like this toy store you
can get lost in it so the start of that this mall it has
been operational since 2008 and this is situated at at the base of the largest
structure burj khalifa dubai mall continues to hold the world’s most
visited shopping in leisure destination that more than 75 million visitors each
year and increasing the mall has 250 room or luxury hotel 120 restaurants and
a parking facility that houses 14,000 cars and is directly connected to the
metro with 70 signature stores more than 1200 shops not including the one on the
walk the pop-up shops 250 room luxury hotel 22 cinema screens
there are also some remarkable outlets like the world’s largest candylicious store span over 10,000 square cant imagine this is the deck where you
can get the good view of the fountain show and the Burj Khalifa one can also visit the Dubai Mall site
check the link in the description below to check the offers deals and
information there’s also an interactive app that you can find about the buy mall
on Google Play Store and Apple Store this app gives you details you’ll need
to know when you visit the mall like maps shops offers deals like etc the mall also has an interactive screen
installed that he can use to navigate around the mall the mall houses one of
the best restaurants and cafe with cuisines around the globe the mall also
has some grocery stores pharmacy banks and currency exchange centers there is no wonder shoppers and tourists
are drawn to the magic of this indoor waterfall the human waterfall is truly a
crowd puller thanks to the unique design with 30 meter wide and 24 meter high
waterfall the waterfall has a human sculpture appearing to plunge downwards
to the waterfall making your viewing experience more amazing this is the world’s largest OLED screen
installed in the way model looks amazing isn’t it the dubai mall aquarium which is the
largest indoor aquarium with a capacity of 10 million liters of water 3800
aquatic animals this is a marvel what makes it more amazing is the underwater
zoom I have made a full video of the aquarium and the under way the zoo have
posted the link in the description below so do check it out in the best-equipped Ice rink and the city
it is situated on the ground floor of the mall but extends up to the second
floor you can also enroll for some fundamental hockey and skating classes
where you can learn fundamentals of skating or just improve your skills the
ring also has a snow fall teacher that makes the skating experience in more
magical this is the outer area of the mall where
you can look beautiful water fountain and the majestic burj Khalifa there
are also many restaurants in cafe you can sit and enjoy a dinner with a
wonderful and memorable view the dubai mall fountain is once largest choreographed fountain system it is set on a 30 acre man-made which Khalifa Lake this
is a showstopper I have a full video of the water fountain show that you can
check a posted link in the description below and finally here comes burj khalifa
laser show what can be a better ending so guys this was dubai mall video how
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