Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of secret landmarks and This time we are going to talk about a big one. Cocowalk mall in Miami Indeed, it may be the first time that we have proof that something was going to happen there but was later cut Located in Coconut Grove. This place was also in the original Driver There are several shops in that place and a cut mission was also supposed to happen there if you listen to the first cutscene of Istanbul Tanner escapes, you can hear Tanner mentioning that place to Jones in the “plane sequence” But it wasn’t the original use of that dialogue because Hidden files show us that it was meant to be used as an in-game cutscene happening in Miami Walking around the place You can clearly see that there are more works put in that place that just for the surroundings As The mission files suggest that you were supposed to save The Gator from Jericho’s men you can even See the path that you were supposed to follow to get to the Gator that was maybe in front of the cinema So here looking at the place you can Assume where the bad guys were supposed to be and a lot of shooting was involved in the mission The main reason the mission was cut is maybe the fact that it was happening between nice and Istanbul But it would have been cool to play as Jones for more than one mission in the final game where you have to chase The Bagman in Istanbul, but We will analyze more deeply this cut mission in another video There is also a tunnel where you can open the doors, even though they open the wrong way This is the end of the secret landmarks video. I hope you liked it and see you next time