Hello! Welcome to the new episode of the DRIFT PROJECT series. This is a series in which I show step by step how a professional drifting car is made. Today’s section will begin with very important information from the perspective of the construction of the entire SUBAR BRZ project. As most of you know, I’m more of a car driver than a mechanic. That is why I am pleased to inform you that I have established cooperation with MAX RACING. Under the name MAX RACING there is a very famous person, Marek Wartałwoicz. Most importantly, Marek had previously built many cars under his supervision in his earlier company STW CENTER, where he worked. He knows how to prepare such a car from scratch, because he did it several times. I’m glad to be able to show it to you in a real way, as it should be done. Marek will surely also share his knowledge with you. So much for the introduction to today’s episode. Here we go. Hey! In today’s episode I will show you on which parts the SUBAR BRZ will be built. As you can see, the car already has a safety cage fitted. How it is created you could see in the previous episode. I’ll also tell you what will land in this chamber. This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Before we get to it, we’re going to do an unboxing today. I’ve got a lot of packages ready here. This is the result of sending many emails, making many calls and collaborating. So all these companies are partially supporting the Drift Project. I’ll talk about you later. These parts are needed for the first stage of work. These are parts agreed with MAX RACING. They are the main contractor for this project. I’m putting the camera on my chest, the effect will be as if you’re doing this unboxing yourself. We’re doing it. We start with the first parcels and fly one by one. IRP pack We’ve got the pistachios inside. We’ve got a gear-shifter here. What’s the most interesting thing I’ve had the same one in DZIK before. I was very pleased with the quality of his work. You can see it in the video. The shifter is made entirely of aluminum. It is painted black, I chose this color because I had it in my earlier car too. We also have screws in this set. We screw it in here, and we can adjust the scope of the shifter. For example, we can lock gear 5 and 6. We attach it to make the gears in the manual gearbox faster and more efficient. And here’s the first answer to the question, which gearbox will be in the Subaru? To begin with, I decided to install a manuled gearbox. 3. 0 BMW diesel checked theme, works and drives. I can’t afford a sequential one yet, because in fact, you can buy a good whole car for drifting at this price. So, I’m gonna improve it one by one. Which doesn’t change the fact that I won’t save on other parts. I could do it and I’m going to get another package. IRP pack Here, as you can see, we have a manual. We’ll unpack it. I feel a whole lot in this hydrailic manual does the pump. 0,625 When choosing a manual one, I made sure that the pump was directed to the cockpit. Thanks a lot, if I pull a hand, it’ll go this way. All the brake hoses we have will go towards the cockpit, so I won’t mind. The hand looks like this, and it’s all alumnium. It’s very cool in the handle. What’s important is that it’s reasonably comfortable. We need a shifter and a manual one to make the fixtures. Such attachments are also partially welded, for example under a hydraulic manual. That’s why we do it as soon as possible. So that we can paint the car later. And then put the parts into the painted car. And not to later on flint the sparks on fresh paint. Another package. Polyurethanes under the gearbox, which will help us to install it later. This is an essential element at the beginning of car construction. Airbags under the engine, that’s what they’ll look like. Airbags under the engine, that’s what they’ll look like. He said you build airbags on these. I paid about 320 PLN for it. And for polyurethanes I paid 120 PLN with shipping. One more little package. And then we open the big ones. With big dimensions. Here’s a package from Go-Pro. A light A light to the camera that we can attach. And here we have media mod. Here we plug in. We’re closing. And for this media mod we have two fixtures. We can attach a flashlight to them. We can get it in. That’s the set we got from Go-Pro, thank you very much. This way we can record in dark places. It is often the case that there are dark places in the garage. And we’ll have good sound quality. Yes, so this is for you, dear viewers. It’s time to get on with the bigger packages. It’s time to get on with the bigger packages. We have a water cooler here. As you can see, the radiator is quite large and thick. It is the largest radiator in the FMIC offer. Tested in motorsport, that’s why I chose it. All welded with Tig. That’s how it looks. We’ll mount it on the back of the Subaru BRZ. Another big package. Here we have the ferrules in the package. Here we have a swirl pot black, made of aluminum. Two fuel pumps are inserted. Swirl pot gives us fuel in the tank all the time. That way, there will never be a shortage of fuel on all heels. Another part for the cooling system. 30 row oil cooler. As you can see, it’s big. I ordered a black one to work nicely with other parts of the car. I also want to make the cars look aesthetic. Especially since I’m putting them together from scratch, so I’ve got a lot of room to show off. We’ve got a piece of intercooler here. It is the largest intercooler that FMIC company has in its offer. By the size, you can guess what power I’ll be aiming at. It’s gonna be juicy, and I don’t think there’s gonna be any power outages now. From what I’ve seen on the page, the maximum power for this intercooler is 1200 mechanic horses. I don’t plan to go that far. Here you have an inlet about 76 mm. And here’s the intercooler outlet. You can see what kind of hole it is here. And I am pleased to inform that FMIC company is also a partner of Subaru BRZ construction. On this occasion, I will have discount codes in the upcoming episodes so that you can build your cars with me. Where everyone will have a profile of this cooperation, and that makes me mega happy too. So, keep watching. And I’m going to get another package that’s tied to the front of the BRZ. Here we have fresh, very cool, until I take off my gloves. Headlights We’ll take off the protective film. Some of you are certainly wondering why I bought new drift car headlights. I didn’t have one headlamp because it was broken after the accident. The second headlamp was and the most interesting. I bought these headlights in England and paid about 1700 PLN for them. And one used headlight, as I looked at internet auctions, costs between 1000 and 2000 PLN, original. So I figured I’d rather sell mine. I managed to sell it for 1000 PLN. And I paid 600/700 PLN to have two new headlights. With a nice outline that I like, and I think it will add a nice character. I’m still waiting for the body kit. What’s he gonna be like in the next episode. Then it will have a substitute look, I’m terribly happy and I can’t wait to at least put the body kit on the car. How we put the headlights on and you can see what this car will look like. Cool We’re now going to the packages from Inter-rally and here we have some interesting parts. Let’s start with this shipment. We have a security cage lagging here. FIA-approved, this is a requirement of the Regulation. Here you can see, FIA. This lagging is installed in places where it is described in detail in the regulations. The main point is that my body’s contact with the security cage must be additionally protected. This is usually mounted at the top on the main bars of the safety cage. When there’s contact with the helmet, this lagging does the job, it’s non-flammable. I ordered them already at this stage, because when we will determine the position of the driver, everything will be important. We have to do it in such a way that I feel comfortable in the car, because my head still has to fit in here. I’m tall, so let’s see if we’ll have to lower the floor. There’s a possibility that you’ll have to do I’ll wear a helmet and we’ll determine the driver’s final position. Once the armchair and lagging have been installed. That’s why I need it at this stage. Another pack A driver’s foot tray from CarbonTec. Why we need all this at this stage? To be able to install it all. When they have a painted car, put it in the hooks and there is no extra fun. What’s interesting here is the sandpaper. It’s a cool option. Here’s the sandpaper. I had a corrugated sheet before. And when it was wet, my feet often slipped. I hope there’s no problem here. Here we have a second tray. For the passenger. He has sandpaper too. The heater. Why do I need it in a drift car? It has four places where we can install ventilation on the car. He’s installing it so that my windows don’t evaporate on rainy days and so I can deal with them. We’re connecting it under 12V. From what I saw in the description, we have 3 degrees of adjustment. We have a small but powerful battery in the box. It’s heavy, so we’ll probably put it in the back of the car. We’re gonna put pressure on the back. We pack everything possible backwards to distribute the weight when building such a car. Another package from Inter-rally, I’m gonna show you what’s cool I got inside. At this point I would also like to thank this company, because it supports the construction of the Subaru BRZ. It previously supported the construction of the E46 project. I invite you to their website because they have a lot of good quality parts. I’m very happy to work with them. So I managed to get some discounts for you from Inter-rally. I hope that each of us will benefit from it. An extinguishing kit to be installed. Here I have the clamps that will fix the bottles. I have an extinguishing bottle here. I’ve got a whole set of fixings for that. I hope this whole kit will only be installed preventively. Aluminium pipes, with which the extinguishing powder is fed. One string Second string And the next nozzles They’ll let us install everything. We have three packs left. We’re gonna open these two packages quickly and get back to this one. The final package from Turbo Systems. This is a spare front suspension beam. One is hanging from the car, the other is here. This is to prepare the mountings for the steering kit. It’s an element that can get us bent in motorsport. At this stage of car construction, he wants to collect as many spare parts as possible. I paid about 200/300 PLN for this beam. A large Winters-type differential will be installed in this component. We’re gonna have to rework everything to fit it. Most importantly, all these elements must be serial and the beam, we can only modify it. I paid about 500 PLN for it. This is the package I have the greatest sentiment for. I ordered it first. I definitely need to take my gloves off. Fix the camera. We’re gonna open it! In the picture, she looked smaller. Ladies and gentlemen This beautiful equipment will drive the heart of the Subaru. He’s not gonna let her live, I mean, he’s gonna let her live, but she’ll feel it for sure. The filter hole is the size of my fist. I mean, there will be power. We’ll take it off. Turbocharger from Turbo Systems. The exact designation of the turbine is HTX 4068B1. The turbine I have has ten blades from one and ten from the other. All built on double roller bearings. Why this turbo, not the others? This is a proven turbine by some of the best drivers in the DRIFT MASTERS league. Adam RUBIK Zalewski, whose car I had a chance to drive, drives on such a turbine. As well as Jack Shanahan , who finished 2nd last season. There are still a few top players who use these turbines. The turbine is designed for capacities between 600 and 850 horsepower. It is not the largest turbine in their offer, and it is still very large in my opinion. I chose this one so as not to have a turbo hole in my car. To be able to operate the gas better. And with time, when I learn how to ride such a this turbine, maybe I’ll go for a higher solution. I can tell you that the power I will aim for in this car is between 700 and 800 horsepower. We’ll see how it develops. I’ll want to get in that car first. Turbo Systems also added its contribution to support the Subaru BRZ project. From this pedestal I managed to get you 10% discount for all turbines in the Turbo Systems range. They also have turbines for ordinary cars, so if you want to upgrade your car you will surely find something on their website. You have 10% discount for all turbine on the password DRIFTPROJEKT. And then you can be as happy as I am at this point. So I strongly recommend it. We have all the packages unpacked. As you’ve seen a bit of it, and believe me, the list I have prepared is much bigger. This is actually the beginning, the parts we will use for the first stage of construction. I’m taking the BRZ to Marka from Max Racing soon. Where the parts you’ve seen will be installed and fixed underneath. I’m moving to another place where I can finally tell you what engine will be installed. The big moment has come when I tell you what engine I’ve chosen. I’ve had a lot of thought about which engine to choose. Is a V8 engine like I was supposed to do in the DZIK and throw in a turbo. Whether to select an engine type JZ. Or the V8 type LS, because at this level, these two engines bite. Let’s say they fight each other in the European Championship. I did a big research that engine drives in Europe, that engine in America, that wins. It is known that the driver is the most important winning factor, but the reliability of the equipment is equally important. That’s why I decided to choose a 2JZ engine. We’re going into exactly something else. There was a BMW with a BMW engine, and now there will be a Japanese car with a Japanese engine. The engine is going to be chained, I’ve got a plan to show you what the whole engine thing looks like. What parts will we install, what will be the component of every factor of this power. A new car, a new engine, new challenges. It looks very interesting. I can’t wait. I remind you that it is possible to support the project by purchasing clothes at DRIFTPATRIOT. COM I’ll see you soon. Keep up to date with Facebook, Instagram. HI!