Thank God! You’re not dead! Hoorah and huzzah! I did think you were dead
until I got your call, you know? He’s been gone for weeks.
Not a single word. Very unlike him. I’m introducing myself.
It’s Etta Candy. I’m Steve Trevor’s secretary. What is a secretary? Ooh! Well, I do everything. I go where he tells me to go,
and I do what he tells me to do. Well, where I’m from,
that’s called slavery. I really like her. Fantastic. Ladies, after you. Oh, I do, I like her. And it does rather feel like that, except the pay is very good. We’ve got our work cut out for us,
haven’t we? Is this what passes for armor
in your country? “Armor.” It’s fashion. Keeps our tummies in. Why must you keep them in? Only a woman with no tummy
would ask that question. Conservative,
but not entirely un-fun. Try it on, at least. Very well. – Ooh! Ah, ah, ah…
– No! No, no, no. Ooh! Come on! Oh! How can a woman
possibly fight in this? Fight? We use our principles. I mean, that’s how
we’re going to get the vote. Although, I am not opposed to
engaging in a bit of fisticuffs, should the occasion arise. Lovely. Oop! It’s itchy. It’s choking me. Can’t say I blame it. Etta. Where is she? Oh, she’s trying on outfit number 226. Miss Candy, the whole point
was to make her look less distracting. May I? Really? Specs? And suddenly she’s not the most
beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? Better. Yeah, that’s not going to work. Please put the sword down, Diana. Diana! Let me try it by myself. After you, sir. Etta… Why don’t I meet you
back at the office and, meanwhile,
I’ll take this for safekeeping. Oh, no, I don’t think so. You gotta put the sword down, Diana.
Please. – It doesn’t go with the outfit.
– At all. Put the sword down, first of all. Promise me you will protect it
with your life. Yes… No. You can trust her. Just hand that over. – Shield.
– And the shield to her. There we go. Whoa! You got it? Thanks, Etta. This is easy. Oh. There we go.