Hello I’m Simon welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do today we’re talking about ‘Hunting’ A lot of my ideas aren’t from my cats now they actually come back from the cats I’ve had all my life. My first cat when I was nine her name was Shelley and we used to have an old apple tree in the garden and my earliest memory of her is climbing up the tree and actually in sitting on top of the Blue Tit box listening to them inside. But of course that was very bad and I used to sort of try to get her down, but that’s always stayed in my mind it’s quite a graphic image of that cat sitting on to bird box. So for this the idea, I just thought it’s such a classic kind of cat thing, but how would how would the birds get their own back. Cats are perfectly adapted to hunting, they have excellent eyesight, and they can see low light levels and they have really good hearing, for hearing tiny little squeaks of their prey species, they’re very very fast and agile and they have an excellent sense of balance. Hunting drive is separate the hunger drive this is why cats that really well-fed will still feel the need or instinct to hunt. Owners often wonder what that sort of strange chattering noise is that cats make when they’re at the window and they have spotted a bird there’s many different theories for it some people think that maybe they’re practicing like a kill bite whereas I think it’s just shows a sign of like arousal or how excited they are they’ve seen the bird and cats also share this behaviour whether they’re inside or outside. The average hunting success of and African Wildcat is about one in four the average Mouse is about 30 calories African Wildcat’s need about 270 calories a day. Even kittens that have never experienced pray or hunting behaviour can grow up to be proficient hunters bit like Lorenzo here with this fishing rod toy. However other cats seem to struggle to catch anything Well I looked out the window and saw Teddy running really quickly down the garden I mean I’ve never seen him run quicker I thought what’s he going for now and of course going even faster than Teddy, was a squirrel, which surprised me because squirrels can get quite big and this is a big grey squirrel and seeing Teddy run after this squirrel, that made it up the tree and Teddy went up the tree after him I thought I’ve got to do an idea about the cat chasing a squirrel and what can happen, Here we see Simon’s Cat looking very angry and here we have the squirrel, with it’s tiny ears these big cheeks He’s got an even bigger tail than the cats he’s dropped, he’s droped one of his acorns There he is, there’s Simon’s Cat chasing that squirrel.