On the land of Nawabs, There exist a City named as “BAHAWALPUR” The City of Palaces The Bazaar lies in the heart of Bahawalpur and it is surrounded by these gates It is a normal day in Bazaar Shopkeepers are selling their goods, and customers seem interested to buy But the trouble arrives when traffic jams and joy of shopping disappears Here problems are many but solution is nothing The biggest issue is traffic jam For all type of traffic there are entry and exit points Farid Gate, Kotwali police station and Gandhi street are blocked for traffic entrance So for all the traffic, this chowk bazaar has become entry and exit point that’s why traffic gets blocked here, and there is no traffic police officer here to control the traffic and i have no legal rights i am just a guard there are two reasons for traffic jam, traffic blocks due to four wheel vehicle entry and auto riskshaws There is need to block the entry of cars and auto riskhaws When this will be done Bazaar street will be open enough Auto riskhaws do enter in the Bazaar from shortcuts and block the traffic here This is Farid gate main place of Bazaar, traffic is more here and unemployment has increased due to which there are more auto rikshaw drivers There is increase in population too and the roads are still narrow there is no car parking and thats why cars,motorcycles and auto rikshaws enter the Bazaar it is a small place, rikshaws and street hawkers block the traffic when this happens, 50 people seems like 500 people We have taken illegitimate space of the road which is the reason of traffic jam Then we do fight with car and motorcycle owners if we (shopkeepers) don’t take the illegitimate space of the road traffic jam would never occur TMA committee should play their role it is not included in my duty, i am only a guard Government has made a parking area but people donot use it and try to enter the bazaar with vehicles illegitimate space taking is our constraint, we are people how should we earn living solution is that four wheel vehicles and auto rikshaws should not enter in Bazaar We try our best, sometimes it happens then we have to clear the traffic Four wheel vehicle is prohibited to enter,there is traffic sign board also placed on the road there is no one way and any law to control them we have taken illegitimate space of the road by watching one and other doing the same thing I try my best that traffic should not jam here but passengers of auto rikshaw stop the vehicle here for giving fairs and loading/unloading their things that creates trouble for us This responsibility is on the shoulders of AC City and TMA they should have a check on illegitimate space taking and street hawkers with carts Government takes no action on this for a short time things become right when Magistrate or T.M.O city visits then again situation get worse Government is trying to do something,but nothing happens Carts are there as usual and TMA Committee don’t visit. There are carts on the road and shokeepers are selling outside their shops there is very narrow road traffic police sometime allows to enter us and sometime they don’t. They donot let us enter inside the main bazaar Entry of Four-wheel vehicle is not prohibited but there is schedule for them they can enter at morning before 10 am for loading/unloading purpose and also at 7 pm. Residents of Bazaar are allowed to go inside the bazaar with their vehicles all the time TMA Law implies on the shopkeepers who take illegitimate space on the road In TMA Act 2016, it is clearly mentioned that they will be fined and their goods/material will be confiscated TMA is in charge they have the authority to act against them if the shopkeeper is selling inside his shop and he is having any problem it will be listened but if he is selling goods outside on the road he is creating problem he is doing crime and there is punishment on this crime situation is worse inside