Hey guys, my name is Megan and this is The
Bootstrap Boutique, where beginners build businesses. Today, I’m going to tell you about
a project that me and Jon Acuff are working on this summer. Ok, thats not entirely true.
Jon Acuff has no idea who I am. But he did recently announce his Do Summer 2016 Challenge
which I decided to take on because, I need something else to do with my time. So what
is the Do Summer 2016 Challenge? It is an annual challenge that Jon Acuff puts out to
really take the summer and focus on a project that you’ve been putting off for probably,
way too long. You know, I was trying to brain storm different things I could do, that could
be like, 15 minutes a day deep cleaning your house and at the end of the summer your house
is super, sparkly clean, yay! It could be working on learning new recipes and healthy
recipes to feed to your family. It could be learning Spanish or Mandarin or French or
Latin, for some reason. So that is the whole idea of the Do Summer 2016 Challenge. So I
had to decide what I wanted to spend my 15 minutes a day this summer on, and what I chose
to work on is learning computer language or computer programming, I don’t even really
know what its called. But, I want to have an online business, right? So in order to
do that I figure that I should probably have a small bit of knowledge and computer programming
or coding or whatever, of which I clearly have none. I looked around at a couple of
different programs online where you can learn coding and I choose Kahn Academy because Kahn
Academy has a great reputation for all kinds of free online learning and really I just
need something basic to just get me started. I’m not trying to go out and program some
amazing website. Just if I could learn what HTML even stands for, that would probably
be good enough for me. I hope by the end of the summer I can create at least some sort
of really basic webpage that can be pushed out. Now this is not what my entire business
is going to be built on by any means but I do just hope that what it does is give me
a good understanding of what is going on in the background as I do create online businesses.
Now here’s how I know Jon, he gets me. When you sign up for his challenge, he sends you
a link to a downloadable printable that you print out, this is what it looks like and
you go and everyday you fill out each little box that represents your 15 minutes. The completist
in me loves the fact that by the end of the summer this is all going to be colored in.
It just makes me excited. I know its weird, we all have our things, lets just go with
this. So if you want to Do Summer with me and Jon Acuff, who remember, has no idea who
I am, go to dosummer2016.com to get signed up. The challenge has already started but
do not let that be a reason to hold you back if this is something you’re interested in.
Go do it today. Hey guys thanks so much for joining me again this week, be sure to subscribe
so you never miss an update. I post videos every Wednesday about the steps I’m taking
to build my business and just kind of musings on starting businesses and taking action and
creating freedom for yourself. So I will talk to you next week. Everybody, take care!